Guild Wars 2: The MMORPG is coming to Steam and it's coming soon!

Guild Wars 2: The MMORPG is coming to Steam and it’s coming soon!

Game News Guild Wars 2: The MMORPG is coming to Steam and it’s coming soon!

Originally released on August 28, 2012, Guild Wars 2 is about to blow out its tenth birthday and is taking this opportunity to announce its arrival on the Steam platform through a short trailer.

Happy Birthday Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2: The MMORPG is coming to Steam and it's coming soon!

It’s been almost ten years since Guild Wars 2, the MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft, came to the fore and in which 16 million players roam the lands of Tyria.
Last March, the studio behind the multiple award-winning game was already preparing for its tenth anniversary by displaying its ambitions around the development of a fourth expansion. However, the project is still very mysterious for the moment, just as no name has yet been communicated, ArenaNet appealing to the patience of the players.

This time, just days away from celebrating a decade of epic adventures and battles, Guild Wars 2 opens up to a new community of players as it debuts on Steam. Indeed, the title will soon arrive on Valve’s distribution platform. starting August 23 and is illustrated by means of a short trailer which you can watch below or through this tweet published on the official account of the game.

Additionally, via a press release, Kendall Boyd, Senior Vice President of Marketing at NCSOFT West states:

Guild Wars 2 has delighted over 16 million players for a decade with its no-subscription model, epic, collaborative open-world boss battles, and groundbreaking mount system. A whole new audience of players who have never had the opportunity to adventure with us will be able to experience one of the best fantasy worlds in gaming, thanks to the launch of Guild Wars 2 on Steam. All of the NCSOFT and ArenaNet teams are eager to welcome these players to our community.

A Complete Collection for Players on Steam

Who says new platform says new pack, indeed, players on Steam will be able to enjoy the complete Guild Wars 2 Collection. Displayed at the price of 99.67€, this edition includes the three expansions already available for the game: Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire and the latest, End of Dragons. Additionally, five episodic seasons of the game’s Living World also fill the gaps between the game’s main story arcs. this release on Steam also enables support for Twitch drops for players who want to pocket some exclusive rewards by watching dedicated Guild Wars 2 streams. The first campaign will begin from the launch of the game on Steam until August 28.

Guild Wars 2 is therefore expected on the Steam platform for August 23 at 9 p.m. (French time), in the meantime, the most impatient can already add the game to their wish list.

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