GTA 6 will be the best opus according to Rockstar

GTA 6 will be the best opus according to Rockstar


On the program of the Daily, a real school of wizards will soon open in Brittany. We will continue with Rockstar, well aware of the expectations of fans regarding GTA 6 and doing everything to make it the best possible opus. We’ll end with the next projects from the creators of Stranger Things. The Daily, let’s go!

GTA 6 must exceed fan expectations, and Rockstar knows it!

GTA 5 is very nice, but there, the fans only want one thing: the sequel! GTA 6 has been announced, finally Rockstar confirmed the development of the “next GTA” last February. The nuance is important, and they were careful not to mention the sixth installment in the series, but there is very little doubt that they were indeed referring to GTA 6. But since then, no more news. Development must be in full swing internally, and precisely: Rockstar spoke in a blog post to tell us about future updates to GTA Online and Red Dead Online. They admitted it: the forces of the studio are concentrated on the next installment of the Grand Thef Auto series. Be careful, this does not mean that the two Rockstar service games are abandoned. Future updates to Red Dead Online will just be smaller. If the vast majority of forces have been repatriated on the next game of the GTA license, it is quite simply because the expectation of fans is immense. Rockstar knows it, and will do everything to offer us the best game of its license, and intends to exceed the expectations of the players.

Hogwarts in real life

You all know Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potter. This is where young wizards do their studies, being assigned to one of the 4 Houses: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Obviously all this comes from the imagination of JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. From October 22 to November 5, the castle Le Rocher Portail in Maen Roch in Brittany (a real nationally listed monument) will be transformed into a school of wizards! As in the books and in the films, the pupils will be welcomed by the Director of the school, Ludovica Lutterotti in a Great Hall of approximately 350m², before being divided into 4 Great Houses: Boucflèche, Fauvedor, Cerfdelune or Busarde. Boucflèche is the House reserved for the intrepid and the competitors. Fauvedor is for the brave and the adventurous. The most curious and dreamy will go to Cerfdelune and finally Busarde, it is the House for the mischievous and the pranksters. Several formulas will be available, count between 25 and 30€ for a complete visit of the castle of 2 hours, or 90€ to enjoy in addition a sound and light show in the courtyard of the castle. 10,000 visitors are expected from October 22 to November 5.

The next project from the creators of Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a must in the Netflix catalog. This last Friday aired the last part of season 4, and while the Duffer brothers oversee season 5, which will close the series, we already know a little more about their future projects. This is the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel: The Talisman. The plot tells the story of a little boy who travels between two worlds to try to save his mother who is suffering from cancer. The only way to cure her is to retrieve The Talisman from the other world, an alternate world where people in the real world all have a slightly different double.

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