GTA 6: the return of solo DLCs would be planned by Rockstar!

GTA 6: the return of solo DLCs would be planned by Rockstar!


Game News GTA 6: the return of solo DLCs would be planned by Rockstar!

Grand Theft Auto VI may well mark the return of single-player expansions for Rockstar’s flagship franchise. In any case, this is what an insider close to the studio suggests with this latest information.

The most anticipated GTA of all time

It is an understatement to say that Grand Theft Auto VI is expected by Rockstar fans. The next installment of one of the most famous licenses in the history of video games has not yet presented itself, but every piece of information concerning him is carefully examined by the public, who are just waiting for him.

After the first concrete revelations shared last July, GTA 6 continues to reveal itself bit by bit, through official papers, rumors or other more or less reliable sources. Today it’s Tez2‘, recognized insider and close to Rockstar, who evokes new information. According to the person concerned, the next title in the franchise should introduce solo DLCs again.

The solo, again in the spotlight with GTA 6?

Fans easily remember the two expansions of Grand Theft Auto IV, ‘The LOST and damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony which greatly enriched the base game. If we could expect Rockstar to repeat the experience with Grand Theft Auto Vthe explosive success of GTA Online will have finally caused the studio to revise its plans. This type of additional content could nevertheless return with GTA 6 according to Tez2.

While the first information about the software evoked the idea that the game would be enriched “as and when” in particular with the implementation of new cities, Tez2 explains that these additions would not be made through solo extensions.

Adding content “over time” means that Rockstar is going back to when they planned additional content before the runaway success of GTA Online. When GTA V was released, development of single-player DLCs had already begun. That’s how we discovered audio files mentioning the casino and other (GTA Online) activities. Additionally, Liberty City should have been added to GTA V, but remained at an early stage of development. These two projects were obviously canceled in 2015.

The first wave of “additional cities and missions” that we will receive will for sure be planned before the release of GTA VI (…) Regarding the new cities, I think most will be instanced areas, like Cayo Perico or North Yankton (content from GTA V and GTA Online). This way, Rockstar will be able to introduce a new heist to GTA Online for each of the DLCs. If we’re lucky, we might get an entire town once in a while.

According to the statements of Tez2, we understand that the additional content already mentioned in the past ultimately referred to solo expansions which will also impact the Online mode. These extensions should then add new cities, or rather portions of cities in instanced areas as the insider suggests. While he doesn’t rule out the possibility of Rockstar offering entire cities over time, its comparison with the current instanced areas of GTA Online remains rather plausible.

GTA 6: the return of solo DLCs would be planned by Rockstar!GTA 6: the return of solo DLCs would be planned by Rockstar!

Obviously, we remind you that you have to take all of this with enormous tweezers, Rockstar has not yet confirmed any information in circulation so far. We just have to wait for a confirmation from the studio, and maybe with a little luck, a first reveal of the game soon.

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