Carte graphique : la RTX 3060 est dispo à un prix rare, et ça fait plaisir

Graphics card: the RTX 3060 is available at a rare price, and that’s a pleasure


Good deal news Graphics card: the RTX 3060 is available at a rare price, and that’s a pleasure

Is it really useful to present the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060? A true star in its own little world, the extremely sought-after graphics card has seen its prices explode since the health crisis. The period has finally become more lenient again, and it is a pleasure to see good gamer graphics cards at normal, even attractive prices.

Finally an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB graphics card for less than 400€!

As we said, the tech world has been suffering from a major shortage for quite some time now: there is a serious shortage of semiconductors. These high tech pieces the size of a grain of sand are increasingly in demand but extremely complicated to produce.

So, what happened happened. Gamers who were looking for a good graphics card or quite simply a next gen console like the PS5 had to either fret and wait ad vitam aeternam for a price drop, or sometimes pay double or even triple the prices recommended by manufacturers.

We saw RTX 3060s selling for around €700 a very short time ago. Today, this beautiful baby is finally at a normal price, even attractive in view of the improvements made by Gigabyte: only €399. Visit Rue du Commerce, one of the French leaders in online sales!

Buy the RTX 3060 at 399€ at Rue du Commerce

  • 2 alternating rotation fans are included.
  • Who says product marketed gamers, necessarily says RGB LED of all colors
  • Reinforced back plate
  • 12 GB graphics memory
  • PCIe 4.0 16x
  • GDDR6
  • Chipset frequency: 1320 MHz (1777 MHz boost)

The RTX 3060 Eagle by Gigabyte: a good GPU for your tower?

First of all, note that the RTX 3060 is not a graphics card made for 4K 120 FPS gaming for pro gamers with screens over 1000€. Thanks to DLSS technology, 4K is accessible but the 3060 is not made for it. If, like the overwhelming majority of people, you have Full HD or QHD screens, the 3060 is enough to delight.

In Full HD (1080p) you can play any game with all the modern features, all levels of detail to the max, it’s top of the line. In QHD, we are not far from being at the top as well.

What made the RTX 3000 line famous is, of course, the Ampere architecture that allows Nvidia’s graphics cards to shine on Ray-Tracing, this trendy feature in modern video games that calculates live light effects.

RTX requires, DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) will be your best friend. If you want to enjoy your latest AAA game in 4K resolution, DLSS will allow you to upscale the resolution of your game without degrading the refresh rate.

Buy the RTX 3060 at 399€ at Rue du Commerce

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