Soldes cartes graphiques : Une RTX 3070 Ti custom à seulement 729 €, c'est possible !

Graphics card sales: A custom RTX 3070 Ti at only €729, it’s possible!


Good deal news Graphics card sales: A custom RTX 3070 Ti at only €729, it’s possible!

Finally ! With the summer sales, graphics cards have never been available for so long at such correct prices and close to their MSRP. This is the case of the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti which can be found at only 729 €!

RTX 3070 Ti: for the sales, stocks are available at an excellent price at many merchants such as and Rue du Commerce

The RTX 3070 Ti also close to its MSRP is great news.

  • For information: The MSRP of a graphics card is the price of its Founder Edition model, so here that of the cards manufactured directly by Nvidia. The other manufacturers make what are called “custom” cards by adding characteristics (and their design). These custom cards are, 99% of the time, at a higher base price than Nvidia’s.
  • The MSRP for the Founders Edition of this 3070 Ti is €649

We had ended up getting used to the shortage and not expecting much from the prices of graphics cards that literally burst the ceiling.

Then in recent months, the trend began to reverse and prices fell, each time reaching a new low.

This is the case here for these two versions of the 3070 Ti which are at an ideal price.

  • The 3070 Ti proposed by Maté is a Gigabyte with 3 fans and is offered at 729 €
  • The one in Rue du Commerce is an MSI Ventus 3x at €789.

The two models are very similar, so if one is no longer in stock, you can fall back on the other without any worries!

Buy the RTX 3070 Ti at €729 at Materiel .net

Buy the RTX 3070 Ti for €789 at Rue du Commerce

RTX 3070 Ti: the perfect card for 1440p and 4K

The RTX 3070 Ti is one of Nvidia’s latest generation graphics cards: the RTX 3000.

It is clearly one of the most powerful in the range, and it is perfect for video games, but also for all the most demanding software!

If it is able to offer 4K, its real hunting ground will be 1440p, where it offers exceptional skills, even with Ray Tracing activated.

It’s the perfect gaming card at the moment from Nvidia, with RTX 3080s far too expensive for the additional improvements, unless you absolutely want to play in 4K UHD.

Let’s move on to the differences between these two cards:

  • The RTX 3070 Ti has 8 GB of GPU memory on both of these models. On the other hand, the Gigabyte version has a slightly higher frequency: 19000 MHz instead of 14000 with the MSI Ventus.
  • Advantage also on the boosted frequency of the graphics chipset for Gigabyte with 1830 MHz against 1800 for the MSI.
  • Connectivity level, the Gigabyte has 2 Display Port and 2 HDMI 2.1, while the MSI relies on 3 DisplayPort of 1 single HDMI.
  • For consumption, the advantage is MSI with 290 W against 310 for Gigabyte.
  • The LED bonus is to Gigabyte which is the only one of the two to have RGB LEDs.
  • For the size, we are on two very similar models. The Gigabyte measures 320x129x55mm, while the MSI measures 316x121x56mm.

Buy the RTX 3070 Ti at €729 at Materiel .net

Buy the RTX 3070 Ti for €789 at Rue du Commerce

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