Good Singers – the fiery performance of Medina seduces internet users

Good Singers – the fiery performance of Medina seduces internet users


In “Good Singers”, it is not necessarily the “real” singers who offer the best moments. Medina is a perfect example! (TF1 screenshot)

This Friday, August 12, “Good Singers” returns to TF1. The musical investigation game, presented for the first time by Chris Marques, sees twelve candidates with very different backgrounds and profiles. Clothing styles, clues, voices… the jury, divided into two teams led by Soprano and Shy’m, must thus distinguish the good from the “false” singers among the candidates, all anonymous, all in several rounds. While some candidates dazzled the guests and the public with their voices, one candidate marked the evening for a completely different “talent”: her joie de vivre. Indeed, failing to sing in tune, Medina lit up the stage by resuming, in its own way, “D’amour ou d’attraction” and “Single Ladies”.

She certainly wouldn’t have shone in “The Voice”. This Friday evening, “Good Singers” is back on the front page. The musical investigation game, first embodied by Jarry during the first two seasons, is now presented by Chris Marques, legendary juror of “Dancing with the Stars”. A major challenge for the choreographer who finds himself for the first time in charge of hosting a prime-time program on TF1. Very involved, Chris Marques seems to be unanimous on Twitter, even if some tweeters were nostalgic for Jarry’s dynamism and madness… Tonight, Denitsa Ikonomova, Florent Peyre and Soprano are teaming up for the association “Les Petits Princes” while Amandine Petit, Jean-Luc Lemoine and Shy’m play for the “Princesse Margot” association. The six guests, grouped together in a grand jury, must thus guess which of the twelve candidates (all anonymous) are good or “bad” singers.

VIDEO – Discover the Minute of Chris Marques

“Congratulations to the candidates for their self-mockery!”

All these candidates have very different profiles, backgrounds and styles. But to help the jury in its investigation, Chris Marques scattered the clues about the participants throughout the evening and several events, such as the play-off, the Chinese shadows or the secret conversation allowed viewers to make up their own mind. . And if certain voices were truly unanimous, like those of Sarah and Mickaelle, one performance amazed the jury as well as the viewers for a completely different reason: it is about Medina. The young woman, whose clue was “I had an experience in rap that did not convince me”, quickly troubled the jury. The Soprano team is certain: she is a real singer. In reality, Medina does not know how to sing (at all). But no matter: despite her performance at the limit of inaudible, the candidate literally fooled the jury before setting fire to the stage by appropriating Celine Dion’s “Love or friendship” then “Single Ladies “, Beyoncé’s huge hit. Ridicule definitely does not kill. And that’s good.

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