Good Singers - "She shoots live ammunition", "Magnificent punchline", "A killer": an Anggun joke about Jul makes tweeters hilarious

Good Singers – “She shoots live ammunition”, “Magnificent punchline”, “A killer”: an Anggun joke about Jul makes tweeters hilarious


Screen capture TF1 direct/Good Singers

Screen capture TF1 direct/Good Singers


Booder, who was one of the show’s investigators, had competition in terms of humor… In Good Singers broadcast on TF1 this Friday, August 19, 2022, an unexpected joke by singer Anggun on the voice of rapper Jul amused Internet users a lot , who did not hesitate to express it.

TF1 offered this Friday August 19, 2022 a new number of “Good Singers”. In this game, two teams of celebrities investigate twelve anonymous people present in front of them, in order to answer a single question: are they singers or bluffers? Over several rounds, clues are scattered: images, phrases, photos, secret conversations, Chinese shadow performances, etc.

This Friday evening, the team of Booder, Anggun and Miss France 2022 Diane Leyre faced that of Joyce Jonathan, Chantal Ladesou and Helena Noguerra. Small novelty of the show: the “play off” round. Two anonymous candidates are chosen to sing in an almost soundproof cube from which their voices only escape for a few seconds.

But the great revolution of the program took place on the side of the presentation: after the departure of Jarry, Chris Marques, famous dancer and juror of “Dancing with the stars”, took up the torch. And the performance of the one who is not originally a host has largely convinced the twittos. “Perfect”, “Excellent”, “A style that I love”, “I validate”, “Looks like he’s been doing this all his life” etc, users of the social network have found it particularly ease and just as legitimate as its predecessor.

A joke not gone unnoticed

Another subject of contentment for Internet users this evening: the casting of the (real) singers of the show. For some, the level of this Friday was worth that of “The Voice”. Alexandra, a young woman who brilliantly interpreted “Easy on me” by Adèle and Pascal, who sang an operatic air, particularly amazed them. In a completely different register, Anggun also stunned the viewers, and this, from the first minutes of the show. In question, a very spontaneous joke.

Within the first round, Chris Marques unveiled clue phrases concerning the twelve anonymous. “His career took off thanks to his father”, “He loves to imitate Julien Clerc”, “He appeared in several press articles”, he notably launched in front of the very attentive celebrity teams. At the time of the presentation of a certain Bryan, the key phrase was “He shares the same passion as Jul”. Information that inspired a scathing response to investigator Anggun: “Auto-Tune?” she joked, referring to the abundant use by the Marseille rapper of this process modifying and correcting the voice.

On the set, the joke made both laugh and disturb. Booder, a little taken aback, did not fail to specify that Jul was one of his friends… On twitter, on the other hand, the audacious exit of the singer was unanimous.

Video. Discover the portrait of Chris Marques

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