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Funeral of Charlotte Valandrey: the chilling words of her daughter…

Charlotte Valandrey’s loved ones recently got together to say goodbye to the actress. His daughter was obviously present at the funeral. She wanted to pay tribute to her late mother.

Charlotte Valandrey: an intimate funeral

For the past few days, the world of the seventh art has in mourning. Charlotte Valandrey left us on July 13, 2022, at just 53 years old. She was one of the emblematic figures of French cinema. The funeral of the actress took place on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. A ceremony ” on “ and “all in simplicity” which happened in the Breton town of Pléneuf-Val-André.

A few anonymous people were present in front of the church. They saw Charlotte’s relatives say goodbye to the late actress. During the ceremonysome of her relatives, including her sister Aude, wanted to pay tribute to the actress. The daughter of the actress also honored the memory of his mother while making a speech.

Charlotte Valandrey: the moving speech of her daughter

Losing a parent is certainly not easy. Tara Lecaisne, Charlotte’s daughter could not contain her emotions when she had paid tribute to the actress during her funeral.

For her offspring, Charlotte Valandrey was “the strongest person she knew”. Although Tara is saddened by the loss of her mom, she still wanted to stay positive. For good reason, Charlotte Valandrey is finally “free”, according to Tara Lecaisne. She who has always fought against the disease during these years on earth.

“His freedom has finally been restored to him. His fight is over”, declared Tara, very moved.

In addition, Maud Baecker was one of the public figures who attended at Charlotte’s funeral. The actress also paid tribute to her friend, in her own way. In her story, Maud Baecker indeed posted a snapshot taken during the funeral of Charlotte Valandrey. On this one can be seen a mortuary wreath on which was inscribed “To our chacha”.

The actress notably added a little heart to this story. She accompanied this photo with a song that fans of the late surely know. This is his duet with Marc Lavoine, entitled ” See you soon “. No doubt that the death of his friend greatly saddens Maud Baecker.

His heartbreaking words to his daughter

Before leaving forever, Charlotte Valandrey had dedicated a few words to her daughter through a story. A text titled “Don’t Forget to Love Me” and in which, the actress had testified to her love for her child.

According to Charlotte Valandrey in this letter, her daughter Tara Lecaisne “brought him back to life” coming into the world in the year 2000. Then, the deceased had mentioned the future of her child. Charlotte is confident of her daughter’s future, which she called her “reward”.

The actress notably wanted to do saying goodbye to his daughter in a publication. This is a poem written by Charlotte Valandrey during her lifetime and which was posted on her Instagram account after her death. In this one, the actress told Tara that she will never be too fareven if she was no longer of this world.

“I will be in a laugh, a song, never far away,” she said.

“I don’t sleep, I watch”

In this same poem, Charlotte Valandrey also encouraged her daughter to call her when she needed her. Whether it be “at night, in the rain or in bright sunshine”Tara can always count on his mom.

“I don’t sleep, I watch. Love like me I love you my angel, my paradise. Mom,” she wrote.

In addition, during an interview with Psychologists, Charlotte Valandrey had mentioned her childhood spent in a Breton and Catholic family. During this interview, the mother of Tara Lecaisne talked about faith.

For the deceased woman, “to believe” is to tell herself that “life goes on differently, may our loved ones stay close” and also that she will find them one day. According to her, “if faith has a meaning”, it could look like the joy of lovingwithout expecting a return.

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