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Funeral Charlotte Valandrey: shocking images of the coffin revealed

Several people attended Charlotte Valandrey’s funeral. This is to pay him a final tribute. Her loved ones, including her only daughter, also dedicated her a moving speech.

The death of Charlotte Valandrey

On July 13, 2022, Charlotte Valandrey breathed his last at the age of 53. The actress bowed out after delivering a long battle with illness.

His funeral took place almost a week after his disappearance. Indeed, this Tuesday, July 19, 2022, the last tribute dedicated to Charlotte was held in Pléneuf-Val-André. Note that it is from this town that his stage name comes from.

In addition to Charlotte Valandrey’s relatives, several anonymous attended the funeral of the actress. They stood behind security barriers until the end of the funeral ceremony.

This is in the silence that Charlotte Valandrey fans welcomed the actress’s coffin. In particular, they did the same when entry of the coffin into the church. Note that the ceremony was led by Monsignor Patrick Chauvet.

After the prayer, the coffin comes out of the religious building. It’s under thunderous applause that the admirers of the actress had welcomed her. A way for them to say goodbye to Charlotte Valandrey and to pay him a last respect.

The moving speech of his daughter

According to the information received, Charlotte Valandrey’s funeral was “sober” and “all in simplicity”. During the ceremony, relatives of the actress made speeches. The most notable were those of her sister, Aude and her daughter Tara.

Note that this is the first time that the young woman has spoken in public after the death of her mother. Tara’s speech was very moving. For Tara, her mother was “the strongest person” that she knew. According to the young woman, Charlotte Valandrey had had “the greatest rage to live” in her.

Although Tara is sad because of the disappearance of her mother, she is happy that she has regained her freedom. Remember that during her lifetime, Charlotte Valandrey had health problems, including HIV status. A disease she had when she was 17 years old.

“His freedom has finally been returned to him, his fight is finally over,” said his daughter at her funeral.

There is no doubt that the actress will forever be in the heart of his offspring.

Charlotte Valandrey: her farewell to her daughter

If Charlotte Valandrey could not react to her daughter’s speech, the actress had already sent her a message. This is a letter titled “Don’t Forget to Love Me”in which Charlotte shares her love for her daughter. The actress had notably declared that Tara “gave life back” coming into the world in the year 2000.

“May these words forever fill our silences,” she said.

While writing this letter, Charlotte Valandrey could not help but think of her daughter’s future. She confesses to believing in her daughter, whom she called a ” reward “. In this poem, Charlotte Valandrey had also already done saying goodbye to his daughter.

Note that this letter had been posted on the Instagram account of the actress after the announcement of his death. The late made it clear that she is still by her daughter’s side, despite the fact that she is no longer of this world.

“I’ll be in a laugh, in your singing, never far away,” she said.

Charlotte Valandrey also added that Tara can always count on his mothereven after his death. The actress has, in fact, said that it is “at night, in the rain or in bright sunshine”the young woman can always call on her mother.

“I don’t sleep, I watch. Love as I love you my angel, my paradise, Mom, ”she concluded her text.

Upsetting words that will surely remain engraved forever in Tara’s memory. We wish her good luck for the future!

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