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A management role at the service of companies’ digital projects

A true conductor, the digital marketing project manager’s mission is to carry out the projects entrusted to him, by external clients if he works in an agency or for other internal services within his organization. Its role is both transversal and central. He directs and supports the teams responsible for implementing the actions to be carried out. ” It is the entry point of the project. He will communicate with the client throughout the process and obtain the various validations. He is the link between the client and the teams for the development of the project explains Gwendoline Quillerou, head of digital project manager and digital expert courses at the Digital School of Paris.

The different stages of digital project management

After collecting the client’s needs, the digital marketing project manager brings together the various members of his team to define the scope of the project. ” He can work with developers for setting up or optimizing a website, marketing teams (SEOs, communicators), and UX/UI designers. Once the scope of the project has been defined and validated with the client, the digital marketing project manager determines the actions to be implemented. ” He can set up a Gantt chart internally. This project management tool allows you to know precisely what tasks will have to be carried out, by whom and when. In this way, he will be able to plan the missions of each throughout the project. »

Complete projects or specific digital marketing actions

As part of a new project, he will be required to manage it from A to Z, from the development of the digital communication strategy to the creation of a site, including performance monitoring and analysis. , or the maintenance of the site. He can also carry out more specific projects, such as optimizing a site to improve its ergonomics or managing an acquisition campaign, for example. He can perform his duties in a digital agency, a startup, a company or as a freelancer.

Multiple skills to master to coordinate business teams

To manage his project as well as the multidisciplinary teams with which he is required to collaborate, the digital marketing project manager must be versatile and have good knowledge of the various digital professions, without necessarily being a specialist in all areas. ” He must be able to understand their missions to provide them with instructions on what they will have to do within the framework of the project, to estimate the time required for each task in order to manage their planning, while respecting the deadlines, and to verify that the work has been done correctly. »

Project management methodologies to master

According to Gwendoline Quillerou, mastering project management methodologies is essential, in particular Scrum or even agile methods which are particularly used in business. Knowing the fundamentals of prototyping and modeling, to support UX/UI designers, is also important, as is web development. ” Without being a developer, digital marketing project managers have the basics of HTML and CSS, to be able to make the link between the code part and the marketing aspect, and understand how everything works. Other skills expected for this position: natural and paid referencing, as well as social media management, to manage social networks.

Opportunities and career development

Thanks to all of his knowledge, the digital marketing project manager can then specialize in one of the disciplines of the sector, such as SEO, SEA or UX, according to his appetites and desires. ” It also happens that some become developers, although generally we see rather the opposite, but it remains doable in both cases “says the head of digital project manager and digital expert courses.

Professional training to meet the needs of companies

Digital School of Paris, the school that trains in web professions, offers a bachelor’s degree / MBA I design and digital marketing project manager. The course, which takes place over two years, is open to all students holding a bac+2 (or equivalent), with literary and scientific profiles, and with the possibility of following it alternately (professionalization contract or learning). The objective: to enable students to acquire the necessary knowledge in development, marketing and UX/UI design to become versatile, autonomous and operational. ” The training provides them with all the keys they need to exercise the profession of digital marketing project manager. adds Gwendoline Quillerou.

An end-of-year project in the form of a role-playing game

The courses are given face-to-face by professional trainers, who provide theoretical and methodological teaching, punctuated by numerous practical situations, thanks to concrete cases of customers, in order to remain as close as possible to market needs. ” We make them as professional as possible, in particular through the end-of-year project for the validation of the diploma. As in a role-playing game, they slip into the skin of an agency and must meet the needs of a client. They analyze and dissect the brief to fully understand it, then they apply the knowledge learned during the training to implement their digital marketing actions and succeed in their project. »

Apply to become a digital marketing project manager

Presentation of Digital School of Paris

If you want to move into web development professions, Digital School of Paris also offers a bachelor’s degree / MBA I digital developer consultant (bac+4 level). Several specializations in MBA II (bac+5 level) can then complete your course according to your appetite and your desires: digital marketing expert, digital architect expert, digital UX/UI expert, e-business and digital transformation expert, or even digital resources expert human. Note that these different programs are also open to retraining profiles.

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