Frédéric François : il a perdu ses deux enfants le même jour...

Frédéric François lost his two children on the same day…

Frédéric François has inspired several generations of French people. This Belgian of Sicilian origin, from the height of his 50-year career, the singer has managed to cultivate a secret garden with his lifelong wife, Monique, and their four children. Few people know, however, that the singer and his wife have experienced a terrible ordeal for any parent. They indeed lost two of their children on the same day. The Objeko team returns to the singer’s statements on this subject.

Frédéric François: the Italian singer

Frédéric François is the most French of Sicilian Belgian singers. Born into a modest family, his parents emigrated to Belgium, where he grew up in the Sicilian diaspora, which was massive in the 1950s. Born Francesco Barracato, he chose the French-speaking pseudonym Frédéric François in homage to Chopin, whose full name it was. .

He had his first successes in the 1970s, although these beginnings were difficult. The song I never loved as I love you, his sixth 45-turn, is selling very well in Pas-de-Calais. This is his first big success, and also his first step on the French continent. In 1972, it is the consecration. He sells half a million 45s of his summer hit JE would like to sleep near you. His success is considerable, however the madness of disco makes him lose some of his popularity.

Frédéric François made a strong comeback at the end of the 1980s with My heart tells you I love you, then in 1990, I love you Italian style. He even sang for Pope John Paul II in 1996 THE singer is not a superstar who hits the headlines, or even gets invited to television sets. However, each of his albums sells like hot cakes, and each tour attracts hundreds of thousands of fans! Since 2017, Frédéric François has been more discreet. He enjoys a well-deserved semi-retirement with the woman of his life, Monique.

Fifty years of love with Monique

Frédéric François and Monique is the story of a superb love story. The couple have been together for fifty years! Monique is a Belgian citizen. The two lovebirds meet when Frédéric is just beginning his singing career. She followed him throughout his career, always remaining in the shadows. The couple cultivates a secret garden, which is the source of their balance. The singer in love even said that in fifty years of living together, they have not argued once! Their secret would be to spend time together, and especially to make good meals. The Sicilians, like the French, are masters in the art of the table!

Frédéric François and Monique had four children: Gloria, Anthony, Vincent and Victoria. They remained in relative anonymity. In the Baccarato family, we like intimacy!

These fifty years of love have however been colored by a terrible ordeal. The lovers have indeed lost two of their children on the same day, a tragic event that marked them for life.

Frédéric François: the tragic loss of two of his children

Frédéric François and his wife had four beautiful children between the 1970s and 1990s. They are now grown up and have their own lives. However, two other children were not so lucky. At the end of the 1980s, Frédérique and Monique were expecting a happy event: twins. Unfortunately, Monique is the victim of a miscarriage. Frédéric François told their ordeal to our colleagues from Télé Ciné Revue:

It was a painful event. We had started to prepare everything for their arrival. Then, we had to go to the hospital in emergency, and we were told that we had lost them. It took time to recover “.

This event was traumatic for the couple, who sank into a period of depression. The two lovers, however, managed to climb the slope. They made a decision that helped them a lot:

It was a nightmare. We decided very quickly to have another child. That’s how Victoria came. It helped ease the pain. But such a loss cannot be forgotten.”.

Victoria, their youngest, arrived in 1990. Frédérique François and his wife made the most of their four children, without trying to have any more. The Barracato clan is very united, and now leads a peaceful life, despite this injury. We wish them all the happiness in the world!

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