Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy dying, at the end of her life, the confessions of her son…

The famous singer, Françoise Hardy, gave her news recently. The singer has had health issues for some time now. Discover in this article, the news of the singer.

Françoise Hardy on the right path

It was in 2014 that his health deteriorated. It is a very difficult period for Françoise Hardy and her family. Indeed, the wife of Jacques Dutronc is suffering from cancer of the lymphatic system. While everyone had hoped that his condition would improve fairly quickly, it was quite the opposite that happened. This is how in 2015, the doctors made the decision to place her in an artificial coma so that she did not suffer. But after a long treatment, the singer was able to recover and gradually recover from her illness.

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Unfortunately, although that was the end of her cancer of the lymphatic system, in 2019 she had to face a new ordeal. Françoise Hardy declared in 2019, cancer of the pharynx. The treatment she had to undergo was chemotherapy. But at the age of 75, the treatment was very heavy. The thought of wanting to leave at this time the crossing. Indeed, tired of her fight, she just wanted to leave in peace. She wanted to benefit from the same right as her mother, euthanasia, who was suffering from Charcot’s disease.

His son’s information

In a recent interview his son, Thomas Dutronc, confided that his mother was better and was even in remission. Although not in top form, and also aged 79, the singer has, it seems, returned to writing and singing. He also tells us that Françoise Hardy found great comfort in her passions, which helped her in her fight. She wanted to reassure people worried about her, declaring to be very well surrounded, by her relatives as well as by health professionals.

Thomas Dutronc also confides that “II can say that, if mom is not in good health, her life is not in danger”. The treatments having worked well, they completely eliminated the two cancers she had. However, due to her age, the recovery time is necessarily longer and requires a lot of energy that she does not yet have. The good news to remember is that his days are no longer numbered or in danger, so his fans can breathe.

Françoise Hardy and feminism

Françoise Hardy has always supported feminism, and still does. This is noticeable during an interview where she picks up someone talking about her and says “Saying ‘author’ instead of author, it’s awful !”. She may support the feminist movement, but she nevertheless finds that some exaggerate. And also that by fighting too much for equality, it could have the opposite result.

Françoise Hardy was also very harsh in her remarks, calling feminists “snarling and ugly”. She asks, in her capacity as a feminist, that everyone keep their convictions, without going overboard. Thus, in her home she took care of the shopping and cooking, while her husband, Jacques Dutronc, did the necessary work.

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