"Fort Boyard": what is this team of broken arms?

“Fort Boyard”: what is this team of broken arms?


There are certain candidates who should not be invited back to “Fort Boyard”. In the program broadcast this Saturday evening August 20 on France 2, it was a festival of disappointments. From the first test, the buyer of “Closed Deal” Caroline Margeridon had to rub shoulders with Lady Boo in a mud fight in the dark. So her teammates had to guide her by giving directions through the door. In the end, they mostly laughed a lot while making jokes, not really helping him.

“Closed Deal” buyer Caroline Margeridon had to go up against Lady Boo in a mud fight in the dark.
“Closed Deal” buyer Caroline Margeridon had to go up against Lady Boo in a mud fight in the dark. ALP/France TV/Laurent Vu

If the former Miss France Vaimalama Chaves and the hypnotist Messmer, team captain, shone in the new “High Voltage” cell and its laser beams to avoid, particularly difficult, they then sinned. Messmer, by his too passive phlegm, completely to the west in the test of the “Laundromat” (where it’s about running in a moving wheel) with Caroline Margeridon, and missing the last code in the “Head Seeker” in the middle of small animals. Vaimalama by bad advice. Too sure of herself, she lost precious seconds to the former candidate of “Koh-Lanta” Moussa in the first room of “the Bank”. “If it doesn’t move, it’s not there,” she told him when he was facing the right obstacle. The adventurer found himself a prisoner.

Moussa, prisoner until the end of the clues

Despite a great performance on the “Water Jet Beam”, Moussa couldn’t do much for his team afterwards. He is indeed the only candidate prisoner since the beginning of the season not to have managed to free himself in the middle of the show, therefore remaining behind bars until the end of the search for clues.

Comedian Edgar-Yves stood out for his inaction. Failing in the “Casino” and his chair that makes you dizzy, he was then designated for a tug of war in height and preferred to leave his place to the columnist Philippe Caverivière. During adventures for clues, suffering from crippling vertigo, he gave up without even trying to get on the board in the air. Of the entire show, his only success was to win a test of skill during the judgment against Blanche, one of the characters from the fort.

Also abandonment of Vaimalama in front of the dollhouse and its spiders. Two clues instead of one were however promised to the beauty queen if she dared to confront the tarantulas. A godsend for the team which until then had none! “It’s no,” she simply blurted out, not even trying to apologize. Fortunately, Caroline Margeridon rubbed shoulders with it and came out with the only clue of the evening.

A frankly mixed balance sheet with 7,546 euros in the kitty

For his part, Philippe Caverivière, did not balk at anything. Except that his team preferred to take the risk of losing him by letting him go to Judgment and as he failed, he joined Moussa in prison. In short, only 4 keys (out of 7), two prisoners, then only 1 clue (out of 5): the results are frankly mixed.

To top it off, the little troop got their brushes tangled up again when composing the code word in the treasure room, leaving two “N”s for too long at the word “pencil” before finally removing the superfluous letter. Results of the races: only 7,546 euros raised for the LaVita association. Certainly, it’s better than a final failure, but we are far from the 18,000 or 19,000 euros recovered by the candidates of the previous weeks.

Teams less efficient than others, it happens often and in the end it is not the problem. The real concern is the lack of commitment from this band. To be confronted with one’s phobias and to have to surpass oneself: there is all the salt of “Fort Boyard”. Chess is part of the game, but abandoning the entry without even trying, or the tests approached lightly, it is frankly infuriating. Why participate in these cases? A question that should be asked more when composing the teams for next season.

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