Fort Boyard - "That's what we want to see", "Exceptional", "It's exactly this kind of candidates that I admire", "Enormissime": the young skier Perrine Laffont praised by the twittos

Fort Boyard – “That’s what we want to see”, “Exceptional”, “It’s exactly this kind of candidates that I admire”, “Enormissime”: the young skier Perrine Laffont praised by the twittos

Screenshot France 2 direct/Fort Boyard

Screenshot France 2 direct/Fort Boyard

Unknown to the general public, the acrobatic skier Perrine Laffont attracted all eyes this Saturday, July 30, 2022 in Fort Boyard. The 23-year-old Olympic champion made an impression on Twitter with her competitive spirit and unparalleled courage during a particular event.

This Saturday, July 30, 2022, Fort Boyard returned with a new unpublished number on France 2. As with each part of this season, a small novelty came to destabilize the candidates: Father Fouras has indeed decided to play one of his cards assets, in this case “The Lonely Adventurer”. For the first time, the team could not immediately access the entire fort. One of the members has indeed been designated to enter the enclosure alone. He had to win an event in order to allow two other of his teammates to join the game. And so on…

Once is not custom, it is not six but seven candidates who formed the team tonight. A team presented at the start of the program as “composed exclusively of athletes”. And if it is true that it included great champions like the former rugby player Vincent Clerc, the swimmer Alain Bernard, or the couple of youtubers Tibo Inshape and Juju Fitcats, it also had an intruder in its ranks: Alex Goude.

Very unsportsmanlike and quite fearful, especially when it comes to being in cramped spaces, the television host immediately went off the rails. Especially since it was him that Father Fouras, a player, decided to send alone to the fort. After a first failure, on the upside-down world test, “the solitary adventurer” was already completely overwhelmed. “No, but I’m not going to do all the strong alone!”, He worried, without managing to arouse the compassion of Olivier Minne who retorted: “As long as you are bad, you will do it alone”.

A performance that impressed internet users

A bad start which greatly amused the viewers. Conversely, one of the candidates who entered the game after a few minutes, aroused great admiration on twitter: flirted with by Passe Muraille who tried to extract her phone number, Perrine Laffont did not illustrated only by his big smile on the fort. The 23-year-old acrobatic skier particularly excelled in the events: on the “surf” balancing on a cable above the sea, she managed to stand up without difficulty. The champion also beat the masters of time in the test of coins to be placed in water without spilling the green liquid. But it is above all his performance in the abandoned Library that earned him the congratulations of the twittos.

While she is phobic about it, the skier had to progress on an old floor in the company of snakes. She had to advance a grimoire there, with a “forty of small inhabitants” as specified by Olivier Minne. Despite her panicky fear and her cries present from beginning to end, the young woman did not slow down the pace and only thought of the disabled children cared for by the Premiers de cordée association. Thanks to her courage and determination, she won this test which allowed the team to recover a clue for the code word. “That’s the Fort Boyard spirit, you went beyond your limits,” congratulated the host. As noticed by Internet users, the courageous sportswoman achieved a faultless performance during the show.

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