Forbidden area - The report on the Gulf of Morbihan does not appeal to Internet users

Forbidden area – The report on the Gulf of Morbihan does not appeal to Internet users


This Tuesday, August 16, Internet users were disappointed by a report on the Gulf of Morbihan in

This Tuesday, August 16, Internet users were disappointed by a report on the Gulf of Morbihan in “Forbidden Zone”.


A new episode of “Forbidden Zone” was broadcast on M6 on Tuesday August 16. This “special summer” issue focused on the Gulf of Morbihan. And between the rental of a yacht, child labor and the daily life of tourists, this report was not to the taste of Internet users. For them, this Breton gem was not “well represented”.

This Tuesday, August 16, a new episode of “Forbidden Zone” was broadcast on M6. On the program for the evening? The “Gulf of Morbihan: the secret holiday paradise”. For this special summer edition, the teams of the sixth channel have therefore settled in this corner of paradise in Brittany, so appreciated by the French. This region attracts many tourists, who appreciate the charm of this place where nature still dominates. And in summer, this Breton jewel counts more than three million visitors. It must be said that the Gulf of Morbihan is full of treasures and offers various attractions.

Discover the secrets of Ophélie Meunier:

“Old France of the 1900s”

In this new issue of “Forbidden Zone”, the teams have highlighted tourists, but also residents and professionals who work in the Gulf of Morbihan. And it was one family in particular that sparked strong reactions on Twitter. While Ophélie Meunier presented François-Régis, his wife and their children, internet users were disconcerted by a detail. Young people address their parents in the formal manner, and as the mother of this large family explained, “you are equal to you”. A remark that did not convince Twitter subscribers at all.

“What did he expect when he rented his yacht?”

As Ophélie Meunier explained, François-Régis and Vira invested all their savings in a yacht in order to rent it for private parties. A trend that is attracting more and more people. Nevertheless, the first evening of the season was organized by two DJs and as much to say that the alcohol flowed freely. Faced with all these revelers, the owner’s face fell. And after recalling the rules at the start of the evening, and especially the ban on consuming “drugs”, he played policeman throughout the party. Although understandable, the behavior of François-Régis greatly annoyed Internet users. Twittos then underlined: “What did he expect by renting his yacht to two DJs?”.

“These are soldiers always at your orders”

The second event held on the yacht was a wedding. In addition to the price of the boat rental, the couple also offered a cold buffet for 30 euros per person, as well as the decoration. But the mother of the family prepared everything at the last minute. And what shocked internet users the most was a detail about the couple’s children. Indeed, their offspring have put their hands in the dough since François-Régis and Vira do not yet have enough money to hire staff. The young people were therefore forced to help their parents organize the whole event and do the service. Despite their help, Vira was not satisfied with the workforce, and for the Twittos, it did not happen.

“Forbidden zone had no interest”

If this issue of “Forbidden Zone” highlighted the Gulf of Morbihan, many Internet users were disappointed by this report, which in their eyes, in no way represented this region. For them, the M6 ​​teams simply showed the daily life of tourists, which, according to them, had “no interest”. They then expressed their dissatisfaction on the Web.

Despite everything, every summer, the Gulf of Morbihan, made up of 50 islands, remains a popular place for tourists.

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