Pour 84€, votre TV 4K va enfin être à la hauteur des films, jeux et séries Netflix que vous lancez

For €84, your 4K TV will finally live up to the Netflix movies, games and series you watch


Good deal news For €84, your 4K TV will finally live up to the Netflix movies, games and series you watch

Almost no one neglects the image. Having a good 4K TV is important, we know that. On the other hand, a lot of people neglect the sound and are content with the porridge spit out by the television. Yes, even high-end 4K TVs sound pretty hollow, and pairing them with a soundbar is essential. We found a very correct one accompanied by a subwoofer for only €84 at Cdiscount: the TCL S522WE. No more excuses.

An extremely low price for a good soundbar with its subwoofer on Cdiscount

TCL has already received awards from prestigious organizations to recognize the value for money of its sound bars. For really cheap, the Chinese giant offers solid gear of very good quality. So when a promotion also arrives on a French site like Rue du Commerce, we come across extremely aggressive prices.

The price of a soundbar accompanied by a subwoofer generally starts in the 150€ or even 200€ range. Thanks to a great promotion, Cdiscount is reducing the TCL S522WE from €145 to only €84, a ridiculous price for such an important and underrated product.


The TCL S522WE: an inexpensive soundbar that enhances any 4K TV

The TCL S522WE is a simple and effective soundbar, in 2.1. Understand by this that it spits out stereo sound (2 horizontal channels) and that it has an output specially dedicated to bass. Here, it’s downright a box.

You will surely tell yourself that the spatialization will not be there. To which we can answer that even sound bars at 1000€ do not have crazy spatialization. As long as there are no speakers behind your sofa, you will never have a true surround impression and 2.1 is more than enough.

In any case, having a bar, even an entry-level one, is life-changing, no matter what content you are consuming on your TV, and no matter how good it is.

The reason for this is purely physical: a very thin modern TV just doesn’t have the size necessary to obtain nice round bass, a rich and full sound. Even if you don’t realize it out of habit, we can assure you that your TV naturally sounds hollow.

A soundbar, even at 84€, changes everything. You will rediscover all your favorite games, series and films and really understand that sound is as important as image.

A sound bar in the living room is also practical simply for listening to music while cleaning or having friends over. The TCL S522WE can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone very easily, and off you go.

The power of the beast, 200 W, will be very suitable. You won’t need to push the bar all the way unless your living room is more than 100m square by itself and you’re more than 10m away from the TV. Do not panic. Pushing higher is more bluster than anything else.

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