Foot PSG - PSG : Neymar réunit des joueurs dans le dos de Mbappé

Foot PSG – PSG : Neymar réunit des joueurs dans le dos de Mbappé


Promised for a certain tenure this Sunday against Lille, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar will be watched carefully. Because between the two stars of PSG there is water in the gas whatever Christophe Galtier says.

It will be an event in the match, but you would have to have left the football planet for more than a week not to suspect that two players from Paris Saint-Germain will have to have an exemplary attitude on the lawn of the Lille stadium under penalty of see the pressure become unbearable. Ten days before the end of the transfer window, and while Neymar’s Parisian future now seems to be guaranteed, Kylian Mbappé knows that the Brazilian is having a hard time being in his shadow now. Because by extending his contract with PSG until 2025, when everyone thought he was going to join Real Madrid, the number 7 of the capital club obtained that the project relies on him and no longer on a Neymar who has chained disappointing seasons and misconduct. Except that the tricolor striker had no idea that the Brazilian star was going to be stung by Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s announcement of a possible transfer window sale and would become a real footballer again during the summer.

Neymar reunites those close to him in the PSG locker room

Dazzling against Nantes and Clermont, Neymar saw Kylian Mbappé come back against Montpellier, and it is an understatement to say that the reality was obvious. Even if we focused on the second penalty awarded to PSG, and the two players argued, it seemed obvious that between the luxury reinforcements of the 2017 transfer window it was clearly tense. And obviously, the Brazilian has attracted other players to his camp, and not the least, who are also surprised that Luis Campos and Christophe Galtier are betting everything on Mbappé and turning their backs on the other players. As proof, in the wake of the match against Montpellier, and even before the meeting organized last Sunday at Camp des Loges to try to put out the fire, Neymar found some of his teammates at the restaurant, but Mbappé was not guest.

It is L’Equipe who reveals it a few hours before the LOSC-PSG match, around a table in a restaurant in the capital, a few players close to Neymar have mentioned this subject, and in particular Lionel Messi who does not appreciate to see that the French player is now his boss. ” It is enough to observe the few icy looks of Leo Messi, last Saturday, to understand that the sevenfold Ballon d’Or only appreciates the situation moderately. That he then spent the end of the evening in the company of Neymar, Marquinhos, Paredes and their wives in a night establishment in the capital shows that the Argentinian would have chosen his camp, if he had to … “Notes the sports daily, confirming in passing the presence of a South American axis at PSG against Mbappé.

A few hours after this meal between a few players who are close to him at Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar liked a few messages on Twitter attacking Kylian Mbappé, setting fire internally and forcing the leaders of the capital club to meet the two players urgently to calm things down. The damage seems to have been done, however, and Christophe Galtier will have to quickly demonstrate that he is capable of taming the two beasts that are Neymar and Mbappé, and ensure that the two stars can leave their rivalry in the locker room to allow PSG to burn this season. If not, Nasser Al-Khelaifi risks going mad.

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