Foot PSG - PSG : Mbappé l'a trahi, Neymar ne lui pardonne pas

Foot PSG – PSG : Mbappé l’a trahi, Neymar ne lui pardonne pas

The hot weekend of PSG is digesting slowly within the Ile-de-France club. Despite Sergio Ramos’ attempts to calm everyone down, Neymar seems to have a strong resentment against Mbappé.

With the start of the championship, one match per weekend and the end of the transfer window to manage, Paris Saint-Germain did not expect to make such a buzz on the subject of the behavior of its stars. Indeed, since the recovery and in particular the tour in Japan, everyone pulled in the same direction and showed a nice smile to suggest an efficient, united PSG and carried by united star players. The bubble burst as soon as Kylian Mbappé returned to the field. The French striker had the mask, and he butted heads with Neymar over penalties, before sulking on some actions, including his second-half goal. To make matters worse, the Brazilian passed the second layer during the night by “liking” negative comments against the Parisian number 7.

This Monday was a return to calm operation within the club, with the desire to temper the problems between the two stars. The excuse of Neymar, who would have misunderstood the instruction of Christophe Galtier – the Brazilian would have confused being the second shooter with the fact of being the shooter of a possible second penalty – is not likely to convince many people. Result, if Lionel Messi remained unmoved in this story, the locker room understood that a power struggle was taking place.

Sergio Ramos knows a thing or two about star dressing rooms

And if there’s one player in the Paris squad who knows what it’s like to live in a star-studded dressing room, it’s Sergio Ramos. The Spanish newspaper AS thus confirms the role of the Spanish defender in this confusion. Feeling that things were not going well mentally, the former Real Madrid player first tried to reconcile the two stars on the pitch on Saturday night. In vain, Mbappé refusing the hug by passing under the arm of the 2010 world champion. It was then in the locker room that Sergio Ramos, who is considered an already very solid support for Christophe Galtier, took the lead in reconciling Neymar and Mbappe. A role of mediator which was accepted at the time by the two players, even if it did not have the desired effect. Indeed, a few hours later, Neymar could not help but rekindle the fire on social networks with his famous and appreciated messages which demonstrate a pronounced resentment against his teammate.

Neymar understood Mbappé’s little game

Will this resentment go away over time? According to Le Parisien, it is far from over. Despite a denial on this subject, Mbappé is clearly accused by Neymar and his clan of having pushed for the departure of the Brazilian this summer. This is why PSG offered, as discreetly as possible, its number 10 to several clubs, including Manchester City insistently. Without success of course. But Neymar, who has absolutely never experienced this feeling of being pushed out in his career, remains marked by this summer when the world champion striker tried to clean up. The Ile-de-France daily affirms it, the attitude and behavior of the former Barcelona player in recent years have caused Mbappé’s “disillusion” about a player with whom he loved to exchange and spend time on their joint arrival. at PSG in 2017. But since then, the Frenchman has moved away from the Brazilian gradually, and now very durably to the point of having made his leaders understand that Paris would be better off without Neymar in the future. At least that’s what the Santos prodigy thinks, who does not forgive this stab in the back from Mbappé.

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