Foot PSG - PSG : Luis Campos s'attaque à Neymar et Mbappé, ça décoiffe

Foot PSG – PSG : Luis Campos s’attaque à Neymar et Mbappé, ça décoiffe

The quarrel between Neymar and Mbappé has not passed at all for Luis Campos. The latter wanted to remind the PSG group of some basic regulations, so as not to live a season in hell.

Like the storms that hit France this week, Paris Saint-Germain went from bright sunshine to lightning last weekend. The perfect start to the season collapsed during the match against Montpellier, which was not supposed to be the hottest of the summer. Despite the victory without trembling at the Parc des Princes, PSG offered themselves a settling of accounts in several acts, in particular between Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. All against a backdrop of penalties, a subject that is always very sensitive in Paris, and “liked” messages on social networks to reveal some strong criticism. Enough to emphasize an internal struggle within the Parisian locker room, where Mbappé had been promised full powers, which is far from the case.

PSG is too much buzz

Neymar wanted to remind his young teammate that PSG worked very well without him in the first two games, and that he was also a better penalty taker than him. Quickly, Luis Campos tried to put out the fire, helped by Christophe Galtier and Sergio Ramos who want to put an end to this childishness. Paris SG does not want to turn into “FC Hollywood”, where clashes are numerous between the stars, and leak especially in the media so that everyone can shoot down their rival. With his messages on social networks the very evening of the meeting, Neymar exceeded the limits and his leaders wanted to let him know.

The sports media Goal reveals that the match against Montpellier and everything that surrounded this meeting will serve as lessons for the rest of the season. In addition to the fact that PSG judged that there were too many people hanging around the Parc des Princes locker room and that accredited staff had to be drastically reduced, players were warned not to get carried away even in situations they considered unfair. Silence is de rigueur in the face of the press, but that, journalists are used to with Parisian players. But they were also reminded that microphones and cameras were lying around everywhere around the Parc des Princes as well as on the ground, and that the slightest image of anger or frustration would be exploited. The alleged shoulder of Mbappé to Messi having already reacted harshly, in particular through Wayne Rooney.

Mbappé and Neymar lectured

In the same vein, Luis Campos reminded everyone, even if this message was particularly aimed at Mbappé and Neymar, that training images were also viewed and could be interpreted. Everyone remembers this exercise where Neymar refuses to be in duet with Mbappé, who waits for a member of staff to come and do it, while the Brazilian then continues immediately when Lionel Messi shows up. Details that can do a lot of talking, and the Portuguese leader therefore asked for the atmosphere to be more friendly, especially on match days when nothing should show through, even in the event of any discomfort.

Not easy for Mbappé, who did not hide his annoyance when he was not served by Vitinha during the match, or for Neymar, who let loose on social networks as soon as the match ended. But Luis Campos, with his legendary vehemence, did not fail to recall that to spend a season in good conditions, we would have to make concessions. And that goes for a Neymar who has to accept that Mbappé is the leader of Paris SG since his extension, and for the French international who will have trouble having full power in a locker room where Neymar, Messi and Sergio Ramos are in particular. .

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