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Florent Pagny victim of cancer: this surprise appearance that upsets internet users!

One thing is certain, Florent Pagny is in remission. So after weathering a storm, the singer is now on the road to recovery. If he is discreet on social networks, his fans, they, as soon as they have the opportunity to meet him, do not hesitate to display him. This happened quite recently, and in the photo you can tell that the singer is doing like a charm.

Florent Pagny has regained weight

The last time his fans got to see him was during the final of ” The voice “. Despite his state of health, Florent Pagny still honored its commitments. Besides, it was his talent, Nour, who won the victory. Since then, the interpreter of ” Know how to love “ told his fans that he was going to take a break in order to recharge your batteries.

It was in Portugal that he left his suitcases alongside his wife and children. It must be said that the presence of his family was very beneficial for him. Moreover, the latest news, the least we can say is that he is doing well. It is a relative of the family who gave news of his health in the columns of Here.

The person reportedly said the singer was in good spirits. Still according to him, the effect of his chemo faded, and the singer regained weight. Something to delight his fans, who surely thought of the worst when they saw him thinned with shaved head.

Florent Pagny with a beard and hair

As one of his relatives said, Florent Pagny is on the road to recovery. And the photo that recently appeared on the Web says even more about improving their health. Indeed, during his visit to Pascal Jounault’s brasserie, the latter took the opportunity to take a photo with him.

“Mr. Florent Pagny is having lunch with the family at the brasserie this afternoon..! A fine gourmet… he is at the top!! “, he wrote in the caption of the photo.

On the picture, Florent Pagny displays a smile on his face. It can also be noticed that his beard and hair have grown back. We can say that he really looks good! Internet users did not wait long to express their joy at seeing their idol in great shape.

“What a pleasure to find Florent with a smile and better looks! “, “Happy to see Mr. Florent Pagny as well”, could we read in the comments.

Recall that in the video he shared in May, Azucena’s husband was slimmed down, his skull and beards were shaved.

“I changed my look a bit, but it’s the treatment that wants that. I will get used to it and it will pass, ”he even declared that day.

“He has a peach”

The fight against this disease, Florent Pagny, did not lead him alone. Of course, his family and his fans have always been there. Besides these, there was another friend, who was very supportive. This is Eric Serra. Indeed, the composer of the soundtrack of the ” Big Blue “ was diagnosed with small bowel lymphoma. It was at the same time as that of the coach of “The Voice”.

Just like Florent Pagny, he was forced to cancel his tour “The Big Blue cine-concert”. An event that was to take place in the spring. The artist reveals to have started six chemosspaced at the same interval as Florent Pagny. During his interview with our colleagues from Parisian, Eric confided that he had spoken a lot with Florent Pagny.

“We exchanged little messages, we called each other. Casually, this complicity did me a lot of good, and I imagine that to him too, ”he confessed.

This before adding:

“We healed in parallel. Florent is particularly positive. He’s fishing. We talked about the fact that we had to postpone our tours. »

It should be noted that Florent Pagny made a short trip to Paris to perform a medical examination. Although nothing has been formalized yet, we can say that the news on the state of health of the singer is rather reassuring. News that will certainly reassure fans of the singer!

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