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Florent Pagny victim of cancer: the singer Anggun gives news on her fragile health!

It is since the month of January that the French singer Florent Pagny has confessed to having cancer. In fact, he suffers froma lung tumor. This is inoperable and forces the singer to use the only other means of recovery, chemo. Her friend Anggun gave news of her state of health in an interview for Nice-Matin. We tell you everything.

Florent Pagny his cancer

While Florent Pagny was still on the set of The Voice, he experienced discomfort. If at first he thought it was just angina, he still wanted to take tests. His voice being his work tool, he did not want to neglect it. So, the singer and coach decides to go and take some exams. But when the verdict fallsit’s the shock. Indeed, it is not just a small disease.

Florent Pagny is actually suffering from lung cancer. He has a tumor in his lung. Which makes it completely inoperable. So the only cure available to him is chemo. It was on January 25 that Florent Pagny announced his illness on his Instagram. “JI have to make a rather special announcement, I won’t be able to finish my 60th anniversary tour“, “I have just been diagnosed with a lung tumour, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor which cannot be operated on. » Indeed, because of his illness, his tour will not be able to take place. But that wasn’t the biggest problem.

Very strong support

Following this announcement Florent Pagny received lots of support. Whether friends, family and especially his fans. This wave of benevolence had even upset the singer. He did not expect so much support and concern. Many stars have him paid tribute. Among them, his colleague from The Voice Amel Bent with whom he has a very good relationship. There is also Slimane, his disciple with whom he won the fifteenth season of The Voice.

But last Friday, it was one of her friends, Anggun, who gave her news. Indeed, the young woman grants an interview to Nice-Matin in which she speaks of the state of health of Florent Pagny. “I check in on his health regularly. He has good spirits and he is really carried away by the love of the French”, “At my beginnings he held out his hand to mewe made a duet and he never changed towards me”. His illness revealed how much many people cared about him. Although it is in special circumstances, it still warms her heart.

Gracious, mentor son

It was in 1995 that Anggun crossed paths with the artist Florent Pagny. This was done by pure chance. At that time, she did not even speak French yet. “It was he who launched my career in the mid-1990s when he introduced me to his team and in particular Erik Benzi”.

“Since that date, we must have seen each other only three times, but I consider him my mentor in this profession. A few weeks ago when I had the text of Our parallel lives in my hands, I said to myself: I can’t sing this alone. It has to be done as a duo. I immediately thought of Florent to interpret it”. A nice relationship of trust and respect towards Florent Pagny has allowed him to become push up. Even if the support cannot help his physical state, it greatly helps the mental. And it is clear that to get up from chemo sessions the mind is something very important!

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