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Florent Pagny victim of cancer: a close friend of the singer gives news on his health!

That fate can be amazing. Florent Pagny and Eric Serra have been friends for years. The same week, they learn to be sick. A lung tumor on one side. A lymphoma of the small intestine on the other. They fight in parallel. And heal in parallel. Today, while the coach of The Voice is discreet, it is Eric Serra who gives news.

Florent Pagny and Eric Serra fall ill at the same time

On Instagram, the singer’s fans are flabbergasted when he soberly announces the news. “ I have just been diagnosed with a tumor in the lung, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor which cannot be operated on. he says. If the news worries, the one who sings My freedom of thought remains no less optimistic: “ take care, be well, when this is all settled, see you again, I’ll come and finish what I started, maybe it will be for the 61st birthday tour “.

At the same time, it was the composer of the Grand Bleu soundtrack who learned similar news. He was diagnosed with small bowel lymphoma. pretty dazzling“. And just like Florent Pagny, he must postpone his Grand Bleu cine-concert tour.

Within a few days, if I hadn’t noticed it, I might not be here to tell you about it. (…) I benefited from an experimental treatment from an American laboratory, which dated back barely three months. The first few days were a bit terrifying. There have been a few extremely perilous days. I could have stayed there. But, after a few days, we saw that I wasn’t dead, that it was working. I had six sessions of chemo in all, augmented with this experimental stuff, with tests every other session.. After the first two sessions, I was already cured. In complete remission. It was quite spectacular!“, he told journalists from Le Parisien.

Florent Pagny and Eric Serra heal together

If the illnesses are not the same, the battle in which they are both embarking is near. Above all, they were able to count on each other to help each other. They could perfectly understand each other because of their similar situation.

It wasn’t the same cancer at all, but we had six chemo sessions each, spaced the same interval. We really had all our treatment in parallel. We exchanged little messages, we called each other. Casually, this complicity did me a lot of good, and I imagine that to him too. It’s not something you can share with a lot of people. We were talking about chemo, how we felt. Because we feel weird things, it’s hardcore. But, at the same time, we laughed about it“.

We healed at the same time. Florent is particularly positive. He’s fishing. We talked about the fact that we had to postpone our tours. Mine hadn’t started yet. I had already postponed it twice because of the Covid. But, there, that’s it, we’re off again! »

The strength of The Voice coach surprises Amel Bent

The singer, who participated in The Voice at the same time as Florent Pagny, does not hide all the admiration she has for him. Before the disease, as after. It was also during the filming of The Voice that he learned to be sick. But he assured the production that he would do anything to attend live broadcasts. He was therefore present and was able to attend the coronation of his candidate, the young Nour. What make Amel Bent incredibly admiring.

It’s the boss. Me, what upsets me about Florent Pagny is his naturalness, his frankness, his altruism (…) I had the chance to be seated next to him and today, I can say that it is a great man. He is someone who talks to you, who says things to you, who probes you, he is full of love and yet he does not caress you in the direction of the hair, he is not a flatterer, he does not don’t have time for that “. She concludes with these words: “What he says is said as it is said and it stays with you and me, I have so much respect, so much admiration and love for him, I already had it before “.

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