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Florent Pagny: this new photo that says a lot about his state of health

Fans keep hearing from Florent Pagny since the announcement of his cancer of the lung. Seeing the singer’s smile in a recent photo, they can only be reassured.

A reassuring shot

2022 is a year that Florent Pagny will not forget. In January, the singer announced that he had lung cancer. Therefore, he was forced tocancel his 60th anniversary tour to start chemotherapy. Obviously, this news had greatly worried the fans of Florent Pagny.

However, the courage of Azucena’s companion gave them hope. Indeed, despite this inoperable disease and chemo sessionsAël’s dad has always remained positive about his state of health. At the same time, he still reassures his fans whenever he gets the chance.

It also seems that Florent Pagny is now on the mend. Moreover, a recent photo of the singer has once again given hope to his fans. The snapshot was shared on a fan account of the singer.

Above, we could see that the hair of the musician start to push back. He also has a big smile and seems to have gained weight.

“In great shape,” this fan account captioned this photo of the singer.

Fan comments

Faced with this last photo of Florent Pagny, his fans could not help but react. In the comments, we see that most of them are relieved to see the singer ” in tip top shape “.

“It is heartwarming to see him climb the slope towards a total recovery”, wrote a user.

The latter continues by saying that seeing Florent Pagny “so fulfilled” is a real ” pleasure “. Another person also claimed that it is ” great “ whether the musician is “refilled” and “retrieve”.

Hope it is completely cured of this disease so that we can see him on stage again.

How is he doing now?

As we said a little above, Florent Pagny gives his news whenever he gets the chance. In May 2022, for example, he took to social media to reveal he was doing better. According to him, the protocol went very well. After two chemotherapy sessions, he said, his tumor had shrunk.

If initially she was “big as a kiwi”She eventually turned into ” hazelnut “after Florent Pagny. Thus, this last promptly started radiotherapy and “more intensive chemos”.

Despite his illness, Florent Pagny particularly wanted to be present during the last stages of ” The voice “. During the program finale, he shared his joy of being a juror in this competition.

He claimed that the entire crew of the show is ” extraordinary “whether it’s the musicians, the production or whatever. Remember that Azucena’s companion is a coach in the competition for more than ten years. During these last years, according to his statements, he spent only good moments surrounded by the team of ” The voice “.

“I’m happy to have spent all that time with all those people,” he said before thanking them.

Fans can rest assured

Words that have surely warms the heart of the persons concerned. Moreover, after his appearance in the final of ” The voice “Florent Pagny has become more discreet. Thus, it is his relatives who share news of his state of health. The singer Anggun had, for example, reassured the fans of Aël’s dad vis-à-vis his state of health.

Media also give news of Florent Pagny. This is particularly the case of Here. In its July 15, 2022 issue, the magazine revealed that Florent Pagny went rest in Portugal after the final ” The voice “.

Even if this fight tired Florent Pagny a lot, the latter seems to be doing better now. He even gained weight and his last photo published on a fan account is proof of that. So it seems that everything is going well for the singer. Something to delight his loyal fans!

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