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Florent Pagny: this day when Patrick Bruel “snatched” this great success from him!

It was Friday that we were able to see the two singers Florent Pagny and Patrick Bruel in front of a program offered by France 3 called 300 chœurs. Although they appear as two colleagues quite closethere was a time when things weren’t going so well. We tell you everything here.

Florent Pagny and his stolen title

If Patrick Bruel saw his career explode in his debut, it is thanks in particular to a title. This one is none other than Breaking the Voice. But for all that, it turns out that if Florent Pagny had sung him, his career might have taken another turn as well. Although we will not know never the answer to this question, it happens to have created a moment of distance between the singers.

Indeed, it is therefore Florent Pagny who should have interpreted it, but in the end, it was otherwise. A change that is called “flight”, which Florent Pagny returns to in the documentary on Patrick Bruel, which is called Patrick Bruel, itinerary of a gifted person. Thus, he states “Break the voice’ happened. This is the song that I should have had behind ‘N’importe quoi’. I had won everythingthere would not have been ‘Bruldu’” and also adds that “But hey… ‘Flore de Pagne’ is still there!”.

Patrick Bruel reacts

Having heard the words of Florent Pagny, Patrick Bruel still tried to fix things. Indeed, he wanted to correct this misunderstanding. It is therefore during the documentary on his own life that he will make an astonishing proposal to Florent Pagny. Indeed, Patrick Bruel then declares “We never sang it togetherI believe. Florent, a little ‘Break the voice’ together, one of these days?”. A revisit with these two singers would most certainly be greatly appreciated.

A project that brings together

We know it, Florent Pagny and Patrick Bruel have the same job. They are colleagues and beyond that of roughly the same years. The two singers have therefore often been reunited over the years. And by force or by wear and tear, they even ended up befriending each other. This relationship has also borne fruit and has allowed collaborations between the two highly appreciated artists. It is also last February that Patrick Bruel had shared photos of his new group. A quartet with which Florent Pagny is precisely accompanied by Patrick Fiori and Jean-Charles Papi.

Despite all the chemos he endures, Florent Pagny is smiling when singing with his friends. Patrick Bruel then declares “What a lovely time”, “The number 2 of Corsu, an extraordinary song in tribute to Corsica, to this magnificent and incredible place”. Patrick Fiori also adds that “ beautiful and amazingbecause there are such beautiful and incredible artists like Patrick, like Florent, Jean-Charles Papi”. But it is Patrick Bruel who has the last word with “Yes, there is our friend Florent who is behind. It was greathuh, really a beautiful day”. At least Florent Pagny is not resentful and very popular.

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