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Florent Pagny, is this his last summer? “I will die with a smile on my face”, the truth about his state of health

When the father of Aël and Inca shared the bad news on social media, fans were saddened. According to the principal concerned, the cancer is inoperable. However, faced with this disease, he agreed to undergo chemotherapy. A heavy ordeal that Florent Pagny was far from considering.

His relatives, very present for him

On January 25, shortly after starting his 60th birthday tour, the singer announced the cancellation of the tour. The reason ? He learned a few days earlier that he had inoperable lung cancer. In this painful ordealhe is supported by his better half, his wife Azucena. Not to mention that he has started a protocol of chemotherapy and x-rays, which will not prevent him from honoring his commitments.

So as not to be inundated with calls and messages from his relatives, Florent Pagny has decided to turn off your cell phone. However, this did not prevent his friends to support him.

This was the case of Vianney, who paid homage to him during a live he made on his Instagram account.

“I did not react to my friend Florent Pagny’s announcement. I did not react because I had been living with this announcement for a few days already. There were a lot of emotions in me and when I react to hot, it’s not very beautiful, ”he explained.

From the start of his live, the one who sang “Beau papa” performed one of Florent Pagny’s most popular songs “Un jour une femme”. A piece thathe sang with a lot of emotions. You should know that the young man has a special bond with Florent Pagny. As proof, the interpreter of “My freedom of thought” helped him a lot in his career.

“For those who don’t know, I owe a lot to Florent. My first concerts were with him, in the first part. So Florent, I don’t know if you’re watching this live, but I’m starting this live with one of your songs because you’re important to me,” Vianney further specified.

His tumor has changed in size

According to information from the magazine Public, on April 19, 2022, Azucena’s companion would have already completed “30 of his fifty chemotherapy sessions”. If he is very tired and lost her hairthe singer seems to give everything in her battle with cancer. And it seems to be bearing fruit since the tumor has changed in size.

The first results are very conclusive. Still according to the media, the lung tumor “would have halved”, but nevertheless generates “very tired”. Nevertheless, the future of the singer could become clearer, although he has already planned his death.

Florent Pagny: He confides in his death

His death, Florent Pagny never wanted to think about it. However, in one of his songs, entitled “After us”, released in 2019 on the album Vieillir ensemble, the singer speaks bluntly of death and disease. But what was he worried about at the time?

During his interview with France Bleu, he confessed:

“I don’t really think about it. It’s the only certainty we can have, so let’s try to make it happen as best as possible. »

That’s not all, he added as a prayer for his future:

“My only fantasy would be to live old, without being sick, and to die with a smile… To have me lit at the stake!” Because where I live, they won’t bury me: I’ll go up in smoke and it will look like me! »

A fantasy undermined by cancer, but that Florent Pagny seems to want to keep for a long time. Anyway, we wish him all the health in the world in the face of what he is going through.

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