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Florent Pagny: Internet users ultra shocked by Aël, his daughter is the spitting image of his mother!

Florent Pagny is a star very appreciated by his fans. To maintain his public notoriety, he is often seen connecting to social networks. Only, the start of this year has been a little quiet for the rock star. Fortunately, his daughter was able to take over from her father. In other words, during the latter’s absence, she invaded the canvas with her presence.

Florent Pagny’s daughter inherited her father’s character trait!

Married for 30 years to Azucena Caamano, Florent Pagny has a wonderful family life. From this union, the couple had two beautiful young daughters. One born in 1996 which they named Inca and the other which was born in 1999 is called Ael! On top of that, her flourishing music career also adds to her lot of happiness. From a global point of view, one could deduce that it would be the luckiest man in the world.

In addition, Florent Pagny holds a fundamental place with his relatives. It should be noted that his wife loves him very much, and his two daughters respect him. Which explains why his family members are never far away to support him at all times!

Although the rock lion has a parallel love for his daughters, he is closer to his youngest. It is said that Ael has several characters identical to its patriarch. On the physical side, the 26-year-old girl is almost her mother’s look-alike!

Aël caught the attention of all Internet users with his publication!

As a great star of France, Florent Pagny never goes unnoticed by the public. No matter what he does, the singer always causes the buzz in his path. Similarly to the latter, Ael seduced the eyes on social networks this August 02, 2022.

The youngest of Inca has just posted a photo of her on her Instagram account. And if she turns heads, the girl has not made the shadow of an effort to achieve this result!

The second daughter of Florent Pagny has just published a snapshot of her with a new style of makeup for the summer. We note that her complexion was very simple, but she associated it with a pretty lipstick and eyeliner.

The makeover was dazzling and worthy of an influence ! The unique extra in her makeover is that she finally let her hair down. From a distance, you might think it’s Azucena Caamano and not her daughter! In truth, the resemblance is so striking!

Florent Pagny transmitted to his young daughter the fever of social networks!

Before his illness, fans used to see Florent Pagny on the web. The latter was previously still active online ! From the day he learned about his cancer, the artist wanted to isolate himself from the world. The coach of The Voice wanted to save his subscribers from this worry!

Once well on the way to recovery, Florent Pagny ended up speaking on the web to give his news. On his side, Inca’s sister has always responded online instead of his father. The young girl also took the opportunity to refine her image!

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