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Florent Pagny in Greece: the singer reassures his fans with a new radiant photo!

Internet users and fans of Florent Pagny have reason to rejoice. Indeed, their favorite singer sends them a very reassuring message via his Instagram account. ” Everything is fine “he writes from Greece, under a photo in which he appears with a radiant face.

Did he beat his tumor? This would be the best news of the year for fans. Especially since they are surely looking forward to seeing the singer on stage again after the canceled tour. Indeed, Florent Pagny was celebrating its 60th anniversary when he broke the bad news.

Florent Pagny seems serene and in great shape

For the happiness of its subscribers, Florent Pagny gives a sign of life. This Sunday, August 14, he publishes a photo of him on Instagram where he appears more alive than ever. Indeed, he is on vacation at the moment. The singer chose Greece as his destination. In the photo, he is seen on a boat, sailing on the Aegean Sea under a radiant setting sun.

What a face he displays! It seems serene and healthy for a person coming out of convalescence. He is still faithful to his trademark: the eternal mustache-beard duo. Only the hair is gone, but his fans can rest easy as the singer moves on to better days. It seems that his fight paid off.

Florent Pagny had to follow a heavy treatment

As a reminder, it was also via an Instagram video that Florent Pagny announced the news of his illness in January. He announced to be with inoperable cancer.

“I have just been diagnosed with a lung tumour, he said in the video before adding: a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor which cannot be operated on. »

It was a huge shock for its subscribers. However, these never let the singer down. Florent Pagny then had to put himself “in warrior mode” as he said and undergo a heavy treatment. He recently confided in the JT of TF1 to have discovered the tumor very early. Indeed, according to Florent, the tumor was “between 3 and 6 months” so very young.

He added that he is “to degree one”. However, despite everything, the coach of ” The voice “ never gave up. He was ready to fight following the necessary treatments. The star also said that “Immunotherapy is increasingly effective”. The artist had only one tumor and had no metastasis.

“I’m picking up colors…”

Florent Pagny has undergone numerous chemotherapy thanks to which his tumor has reduced considerably. However, his fight is not over yet. The artist is currently on vacation. This will give him a few days of rest which will allow him to regain his full form.

Inca’s father will then be able to return to his red jury seat of ” The voice “. Either way, he’s not fighting alone. He can count on the unconditional support of his friends and his fans. Nico is one of them.

He also hailed the singer with a blue heart because of his presence in his native country. Other artists have also addressed words to him. Seeing these comments of congratulations and compliments, Aël’s dad thanks them.

He reassures them by writing:

” Everything is fine ! I’m picking up colors in the Aegean Sea. Wonderful. »

Florent Pagny predicts a tour for next year

Also remember that before his illness, Azucena’s husband had planned to celebrate his 60th birthday on tour. Obviously, the fans were happy at the idea of ​​finding their idol on stage. However, due to his health concerns, he was forced to cancel his tours.

He apologized to his followers who immediately understood the situation. Florent Pagny had to follow a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and X-rays. In May, the interpreter of ” Know how to love “ had announced a first good news to his fans.

After announcing thathe only had chemo lefthe reassured his fans by saying that ” Everything is going well “. You could see then that he was happy with the results of his treatments. The sexagenarian had even predicted a tour for next year. He will name her “The Tour of 61”. Fans will therefore already have to prepare.

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