Florent Pagny : Aël sa fille, craque pour ce célèbre créateur Français, elle est complètement charmée

Florent Pagny: Aël his daughter, falls for this famous French designer, she is completely charmed

Florent Pagny is the proud father of two daughters, Inca and Aël, but one of them, coming out of a 6-year relationship, seems to have fallen under the spell of a famous French designer.

Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny, known as a singer, actor and now coach for the show The Voice, gained notoriety in 1988. Excellent in the pop register, French variety, not to mention rock and world music, he has sold many records . In all, more than 15 million of his records have been sold. It was in 2012 that Florent Pagny became a well-known figure in the world of television, by agreeing to become a jury and coach for The Voice, the program which unearths many talents from the world of music. Since then, his life has passed quietly. Until January 25, the singer has to face a sad observation. He has lung cancer.

Florent Pagny testifies that “I was coughing so much that I wanted to know what I had before restarting the end of my tour, scheduled for January 25th. I thought I had bronchitis that would resolve with antibiotics. Finally, I discover that day that I have a tumour”. This late-discovered cancer is inoperable. He forces Florent Pagny to cancel his tour. But he does not lose hope, although the tumor is inoperable, treatment is possible. The latter even gives good results. Thus the artist begins chemotherapy, a difficult and tiring ordeal. But it pays off. Quite quickly, the singer observes better. His tumor has shrunk considerably. Although she’s not gone yet, it’s a sign of healing on the way. It must be said that the singer is lucky to receive unfailing support.

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Many of his friends and fans support him in this difficult ordeal. Among them, Amel Bent who shared the set of The Voice with him. He receives such support that he feels overwhelmed by so much benevolence. His daughter, Aël, is of course one of his strongest supporters.

Ael under the spell

Aël is the younger of Florent Pagny’s two daughters. At 23, she travels a lot between Patagonia, New York and Paris. She shares the great moments of her life on Instagram. Beginning to create a community of fans, they are curious and want to learn more about his more intimate life. So, she uses the question and answer concept to give answers to her most curious fans. On one of her stories she admits that “We haven’t been together for over six months, but here he is”. The girl is therefore single after a relationship of 6 years. She remains a very fulfilled and strong young person who supports her father as best she can.

But this Tuesday, June 28, the daughter of Florent Pagny reveals a special story. Indeed, the latter makes a link with a famous French designer, of whom she fell in love. The designer, very fashionable at the moment, is Jacquemus. The young woman, being herself a photographer, shared a promotional video for the famous Nike brand.

His campaign highlights the singer Jorja Smith in a setting well known by Jacquemus since he himself used it for his parade.

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