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First job: the 3 best paid jobs in digital, marketing and communication

Young professionals in the marketing, digital and communication professions are rather optimistic. These fields remain buoyant for young workers with between 0 and 5 years of experience, in particular due to a continuous expansion in the number of jobs in the digital field. This is shown by the study conducted by the recruitment firm Walters People.

Salaries between €38,000 and €55,000 per year

The survey identifies the 3 best paying professions in this sector for beginners. They are Project Manager in Customer Relationship Management (Customer Relationship Management) with an annual remuneration of €40,000 to €55,000, Traffic and Acquisition Manager (€38,000 to €50,000) and Project Manager e-commerce (€38,000 to €50,000).

Walters People emphasizes an increasingly clear opening of companies to the most junior profiles, in particular when these justify a first work-study experience – especially if it has been done in the sector of activity. The digital professions provide many jobs thanks to the digitalization of companies and the shortage of talent, continues the survey. In some professions, such as “Product Owner”, this explains the very high level of remuneration, with candidates aware of the situation who raise the stakes around their mastery of technologies or their sector specialization.

Marketing and communication officer between 33,000 and 37,000 €

In marketing, there will be many opportunities for young people working as marketing and communication officers, with a salary that will be around 33,000 to 37,000 € on leaving school, announces Walters People. On the other trades, experience can still remain a prerequisite, with a cap around 3 to 4 years from which the doors open more. On all these functions, the alternation can become a real springboard, also notes the recruitment firm.

Fluency in English and autonomy in their duties are two qualities expected of young graduates. As for salary increases, these should experience a reasonable increase, despite ever-increasing demands from professionals. ” They are sometimes too greedy and they must keep in mind the reality of the market and remain consistent with it advises Walters People. On the business side, they should know that career prospects are of little interest to young candidates. Remuneration comes first, followed by the atmosphere in the company.

Sales salaries rather lower than the best marketing and digital positions

If they want their expectations to be met, candidates will have to show that their skills and their state of mind are fully aligned with those of the targeted company. It should be noted that sales positions have similar salaries but rather lower than those of digital positions. Still according to the same study by Walters People, a beginner sector manager will be paid between €38,000 and €50,000, a Business Developer between €32,000 and €40,000 and a sedentary salesperson between €30,000 and €38,000.

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