Fifth.  The Bertrand Deloison Prize in Vincennes this Sunday, June 26, 2022. – Angers Info

Fifth. The Henri Ballière Prize in Cabourg this Friday, July 29, 2022. – Angers Info


The Henri Ballière Prize in Cabourg this Friday, July 29, 2022.

Direction Cabourg this Friday, July 29, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix Henri Ballière will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 2750 meters, and endowed with 32,000€.

In this event, Goldorack (1) is in great shape. Lately, we were a little disappointed to be beaten, because he seemed to have things in hand at the start of the straight line. He ran his worth. We chose this race which deepened, compared to another entry the next day at Enghien. He can adopt different tactics. Here, he should confirm his value and finish at the finish, says Vincent Lebarque

Geny’s secrets

Ms Virginie Moquet: Groupie du Quenne (2) has been slow to show its true face since its return to competition last month. She seems very good to me in training but she remains unpredictable. Friday, she faces a favorable engagement at the near post, on a track she likes. It would be enough for him to show himself applied to finish in the fifth. Better not neglect it.

Mark Sassier: Goéland Gema (3) was not comfortable when he left in early June in Caen. He had not appreciated the repeated ironing. He was entitled to rest, before making his comeback recently at La Gacilly. He asked for a breather to finish, but he hadn’t worked much. It is on the rise and the entry is favourable. Barefoot, he has a first chance.

Hugues Monthulé: As much as Goldie Star (4) had done well in 2021, as much this year, it is more delicate. Recently in Amiens, it “fell” light quickly. We didn’t quite understand. In training, she is not very demonstrative. Here, she discovers a good commitment in mind. I will hide her and finish her. It must reassure immediately. On its 2021 value, it can aim for the podium.

Guillermo Horrach Vidal: For his return to France, Emba du Vivier (5) ran very well after recording several good performances in the Balearic Islands. In the process, she discovers a good commitment. The rope on the right won’t bother her. She had won on this kind of profiles in the past. His driver has no experience of jump starts but he is an excellent driver. If all goes well, it can grab a place.

Tanguy Devouassoux: It should not be judged on its last races. General Bravo (6) presented himself too far apart. This fine engagement at the first post comes at the right time. He is on top and will be tackled in front this time, which has not been done for almost a year. In this configuration, I can remove the boots. I’m going to be more offensive and I’m counting on him to keep a place in the fifth.

Adrian Pereira: I find that Fatal Gwen (7) has not been unworthy lately on this course. He found himself a little far behind in the relay game, before coming back to finish well. It is in good shape and the entry is favourable, on the verge of a setback. It is necessary, this time, to face the 6 years. Entrusted to David Thomain, he has some strengths in his game and is not out of business for places.

André Dreux: We tried under the saddle, but Gloss Fouteau (8) is not comfortable in the specialty. In Vichy, barefoot, he ran well but he had been handicapped by the short distance. He had been “taken by speed” all the way. He has a little trouble getting started in the first few meters. Cabourg should suit him. It turns well to the right and discovers a good entry in the lead. He is no better barefoot.

Vincent Many: Eole du Prieuré (9) has just run twice under saddle after observing a break. He’s on the rise, but he doesn’t have a good program at the moment. He still needs to run to get back on top. Friday, he must return twenty-five meters, which remains very complicated in Cabourg. He won’t have the easy part.

Jean-Luc Dersoir: Forever Jiel (10) remains on an encouraging outing on this track, while making a small comeback. He got into the wind early, but he was brave. He has since gained in condition. Friday, he still has to go twenty-five meters and he faces, this time, 6 years old. Everything will therefore have to go well for him to finish in the fifth.

Cyril Raimbaud: Ghostbuster (11) is in great shape in the morning. The entry, close to home, is rather favorable even if we have to make up the distance. It will take a clear progress and rhythm, so that he can place his burst of speed. He knows how to finish quickly. He has bad feet and will only be barefooted. This is not a problem. He has a good chance beforehand.

Clement Thomas: Maple Elite (12) is worse than in previous years. It is difficult to have him at ease in his paces. She’s not necessarily the best. It must reassure immediately. Here, she makes the distance. She will have a hard time showing off. His luck is secondary. We’re going to race wisely and finish it.

Jean-Christophe Germain: Recently, without his fault, Falco du Douet (13) could have claimed second place. It would have been necessary to wait for the exit of the final bend to launch it. He recovered well from his efforts. He likes turnstiles on the right like the one in Cabourg. We still have to make the distance. I leave confident enough to see him in the top four. It will be necessary to fear the 6 years this time.

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A summary: 11-13-1-3-8-10-4-5 The summary of the press: 3 – 1 – 13 – 4 – 8 – 11 – 10 – 12

Equidia: 11-13-3-5-4-1-8-7
Europa1: 11-13-3-10-1-4-5-2
The Parisian: 11-13-3-4-10-1-8-7
Alsace: 11-4-13-5-10-8-1-6
Paris Turf: 11-13-3-1-4-10-8-5
RTL: 3-1-13-11-10-8-2-5

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