Fifth.  The Bertrand Deloison Prize in Vincennes this Sunday, June 26, 2022. – Angers Info

Fifth. The Bertrand Deloison Prize in Vincennes this Sunday, June 26, 2022. – Angers Info


The Bertrand Deloison Prize in Vincennes this Sunday, June 26, 2022.

Direction Vincennes this Sunday, June 26, 2022, for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté most of the day. In this event, the Bertrand Deloison Prize will have to compete against each other as starters. The race will be contested over 2700 meters, and endowed with 90,000€.

In this event, Heading reference met my expectations just over a week ago behind Kennedy with whom he fought very well. He came back very well from his race. I find it apt to provide the same value. He will certainly run well and should not come out of the top five, says Jean-Michel Bazire

Geny’s secrets

Jean-Michel Bazire: (2) Lately, he has run moderately over the 2,850 meters he will find. Above all, he needs to run regularly to give his full potential. He shows potential in training. I am not negative about his candidacy. He’s not out of business.

Christian Bigeon: (3) He does all his races and won in good style last time. This commitment is happening well. We are moving up the category a bit, because there are very good horses at the twenty-five meter post. That said, he remained in good condition and I think there is no reason why he should not race and not be in the winning straight.

David Haon: (4) He hasn’t always benefited from good racing conditions lately, but he hasn’t been unworthy. It will be, this time, unshod four feet. He hasn’t been since last winter. It will present itself at its best but the lot is very well composed. It has no margin at this level but, with the help of Éric Raffin, it seems capable of grabbing a place.

Hugues Monthulé: (7) He was perfect this year with three good performances. During the most recent one, in Marseille, it was a somewhat blocked race and he had also had a long journey; he did not deserve it. The big track does not bother him but he needs the right course. If it goes well, we will try to be in the top five. That wouldn’t be bad enough, because it looks like it’s a good lot.

Rodolphe Lagadeuc: (8) Recently, at Enghien, he found himself in the lead too early and was only overtaken at the end. On Sunday, he discovers an ideal commitment. He will be barefoot for the second time in his career. This winter, he had finished second in this configuration but was perhaps not as good. It faces good horses but I hope to see it play the leading roles in this quinté.

Loic Chaudet: (9) Pierre-Yves Verva advised me to insist after his last outing at Paris-Vincennes. He was right. The mare won in Laval. The course of the race was particularly favorable to her that day but she was able to sprint. The commitment is very good in the lead but the opposition too. I don’t dread seeing her again in the capital. It will be a matter of course.

Thierry Duvaldestin: (10) He has had good outings since his return to competition. In Toulouse, he was not unworthy. He is less comfortable on the right and better when the effort is hidden from him. It’s true that he was ahead of Gently de Muze last month, but tracking him when our rival had trotted his nose to the wind. It should take advantage of its form and this good entry to grab a place.

Jean-Marie Monclin: (11) After recording several good performances, he disappointed me recently at Enghien. He was scooped up and had a dirty trachea. Everything seems to be in order. Sunday, it is ideally engaged at the limit of the decline. Judged on his time of 1’12”2 on this trip last month, he has a chance but the opposition is tough and there are serious customers at the far post.

Hansen Erik Bondo: (12) I’m expectant, because he doesn’t repeat the good form he shows at work in the race. Here, he is well placed in terms of gains but I need him to reassure me in competition. I think we should be happy if he took some money.

Jean-Luc Dersoir: (13) It is currently booming, as evidenced by its latest results. She finds in particular Goéland d’Haufor who had beaten her in the same conditions recently. The field is better composed this Sunday. We took advantage of his great physical condition to give it a try. A place is still within reach before a deserved vacation.

Jean-Michel Baudouin: (14) I have carefully prepared this engagement. In training, she is splendid in the morning and gives me complete satisfaction. She makes the distance but I believe she is capable of doing it. The Vincennes track suits him perfectly. She has my confidence for victory.

Charles Cuiller: (15) The last time, it was mainly to qualify him for the GNT stage in Cabourg but it also helped him prepare for this engagement. On his previous outing, he found himself quite far down the course before finishing well. He will need to benefit from a good running of the race. If all goes well, he should have a good chance.

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