Father of 48 children, this 31-year-old man has still not found love!

Amazing isn’t it? How come a 31-year-old man is already the father of 48 children? On top of that, he’s still single… Well, Kyle Gordon is a professional donor. And for him, find the woman of your life turns out to be difficult because of the job he does.

Kyle Gordon, father of 48 children

Kyle Gordon is a very generous man with a big heart. Seeing the happiness of others gives him immense satisfaction. Especially since he is ready to do anything to help his loved ones. It was moreover driven by this generosity that he decided to become a donor.

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It all started when he was 22. Kyle befriended two women. Over time, the latter who were in a relationship wanted to have a child. However, they couldn’t have it naturally. That’s where Kyle came in. He their donated his seed so they can have a baby.

After that, he decided to advertise his service on Instagram. And this, without asking for a penny in return. He was surprised because dozens of women contacted him afterwards. Today, about 1000 women have already contacted him.

“I had a few successful pregnancies, so I started getting messages on my Instagram from women, which really surprised me,” he explained.

Father struggles to find a wife

The American, is even ready to take a trip to help couples conceive a child. It does not go through sperm banks. He gives his semen directly by insemination or by a more traditional.

Moreover, he explained that some women want to know the identity of the person who fathered their child. Kyle really loves what he does, however, this prevents him from having a solid relationship.

Currently the father of 48 children, Kyle is still single. He begins to no longer bear the fact of being alone. The cause of this is that the majority of women he meets don’t want to go any further as soon as he talks to them about “by calling”.

“Most women don’t want to date me,” he explained.

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Kyle is looking for a “special woman” who would be ready to accept it as it is.

“I might be able to settle down and start my own family, but it would take a very special person to accept me for who I am. I think discussing my sperm donation at the start of our relationship is best because she will be more likely to understand the situation,” he said.

In the meantime, Kyle will continue his tour to donate his seed, because it brings him happiness.

Testimonials from women who have used his service

As mentioned above, many women have already used Kyle’s service. Moreover, they would much rather go to the American than follow the method of Assisted reproduction (PMA).

This is the case of Angela Turrey. The latter and his wife have, in total, made ten artificial inseminationsbut it didn’t work. In addition to wasting their time, they lost a large sum of money. It was after this that they heard about Kyle through social media.

They contacted him, and made an appointment. After which they proceeded to homemade insemination and it worked! In July 2021, she gave birth to a baby boy. The couple were very grateful for Kyle’s generosity.

Like Angela and her wife, another couple, Alice and Kathryn, also used her service. The reason they chose Kyle instead of specialized organizations is the freshness of the semen. For her, fresh sperm is more effective than the frozen one.

“Fresh sperm is more effective in achieving pregnancy than frozen sperm. We got pregnant in cycle one with Kyle and only had one donation,” Alice said.

They are so grateful that they decided to put the child in contact with his biological father. However, it should be noted that artisanal insemination is illegal and may involve social risks.

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