fake twitter account, accusations about his book... these controversies in which he was involved

fake twitter account, accusations about his book… these controversies in which he was involved

Portrait of French actor and writer Lorant Deutsch during the 37th Book Fair on November 10, 2018, in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.  (Photo by Jean-Marc ZAORSKI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Lorànt Deutsh “target of harassment”: fake twitter account, accusations about his book… these controversies in which he was involved (Photo by Jean-Marc ZAORSKI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

This Tuesday, August 2, 2022, France 2 is broadcasting its cultural program “Let yourself be guided”. Alongside Stéphane Bern, Lorànt Deutsch distills with pleasure his knowledge of the history of France. However, the actor and writer has for a time been at the heart of heated controversy which has, in part, found its roots on the Internet. Go back.

You may not have known it, but before being named Lorànt Deutsch on stage, the actor and writer was born as Lazslo Matekovics on October 27, 1975, to a Hungarian father and a Parisian mother. First passionate about football, he quickly turns to comedy. In 1999, her performance in the film by Djamel Bensalah, “The Sky, the birds and… your mother!” opens the doors to a popular genre. It is the beginning of a long filmography, while he also gradually makes his nest in the theater. But Lorànt Deutsch is teeming with projects and ambitions.

Video. Let yourself be guided in the time of the Gallo Romans

The Book of Discord

In 2009, his first book which tells the story of Paris through metro stations, “Métronome”, was a huge success, selling millions of copies throughout France, and even adapted for television. Appointed Knight of Arts and Letters in 2010, Lorànt Deutsch is everywhere. But with glory and honors come controversy. In 2012, after the success of his book in bookstores and its adaptation on France 5, certain voices were raised to question Lorànt Deutsch’s statements. At the time, the PCF-Left Party group of the Council of Paris accused him of having carried out “ideologically oriented” work, and wanted the City of Paris to stop promoting it. At the head of this sling, Alexis Corbière, already an actor on the French political scene and professor of history, curries “Metronome”. A book which, according to him, contains “very many errors, fabrications and historical inventions.” “It offers an oriented vision responding to an assumed ideological reading, steeped in the author’s religious convictions (…) who does not hide from being hostile to the Republic, particularly to the French Revolution and says he is nostalgic for the monarchy” could we read.

Same story on the side of William Blanc, doctoral student in history, who had also highlighted through videos the errors contained in the work of Lorànt Deutsch. Nay for the latter, who then did not hesitate to defend himself with AFP, attacking in passing the profile of his detractors: “It is these elected representatives of the Left Front who have a terribly oriented vision. But, me , I respect their perspective. Let them respect mine (…) All this controversy started from a history student who targeted my book and has been relentless for six months destroying my work and insinuating that I am the relay of an ideology. It is not thanks to his amateur videos on Paris that he would have made himself known. I am delighted that he is now thanks to me. Except that four years later, Lorànt Deutsch found himself at the heart of another controversy…

A mysterious Twitter account

We are in October 2016 when things get tough again for Lorànt Deutsch. The Buzzfeed site accuses him, through an article, of being behind a Twitter account, @lacathelinierre. The journalists who investigated thus detail how the writer and actor would insult his detractors there, promising them to end up “lying in the Bataclan”. At the time, this mysterious account that was causing a stir on the blue bird social network challenged other users, and many of its outrageous tweets were reported. To ensure their statements, the journalists of Buzzfeed had identified the email address belonging to this Twitter account as being that of Lorànt Deutsch. Fact that the principal concerned had authenticated, ensuring that he had never opened a Twitter account.

In the columns of Le Figaro, Lorànt Deutsch had once again responded to his detractors, firmly denying the facts for which he was accused: “These tweets are to vomit and obviously I totally disassociate myself from them. I did not write a traitor word of these infamous remarks. But at the same time I am trying to find out where this outpouring of hatred comes from which tends to tarnish my image and my action to popularize the history of France”, he insisted, considering that he was only “the target of harassment”. “To fight these invisible and cowardly enemies”, Lorànt Deutsch declared that he was determined to file a complaint against X…

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