F1 : Enfin vainqueur d'un Grand Prix, il évite l'humiliation

F1 : Enfin vainqueur d’un Grand Prix, il évite l’humiliation


Formula 1

Posted on July 5, 2022 at 12:35 p.m. by Arthur Montagne

After 150 Grands Prix, Carlos Sainz has finally won his first Formula 1 victory. long and which could have seen him become the driver to compete in the most races without winning.

The wait finally ended on Sunday. By winning at Silverstone, after a crazy race, Carlos Sainz won his first Grand Prix. slower than Charles Leclerc during his first stint, the former driver Renault finally took advantage of the safety car to enter the pits and put on soft tires while the Monegasque stayed on track with his hard and worn rubber. Close to victory in Monaco and Canada this season, the Spaniard could also have won at Monza in 2020. At the wheel of his McLarenthe rally legend’s son had put pressure on Pierre Gasly which had finally prevailed. A disappointment for carlos sainz who will therefore have to wait for his 150th start before winning his first GP. A very long series.

Sainz finally wins a GP…

And for good reason, in the history of the Formula 1, carlos sainz is the second driver to have waited the longest to win. The first is none other than Sergio Perez. By winning in Bahrain in 2020, the Mexican had then ended a series of 190 unsuccessful races. After waiting 150 GP to win, carlos sainz is therefore second in this ranking ahead of Mark Webber (130), Rubens Barichello (123), Jarno Trulli (117) and the two world champions Jenson button (113) and Nico Rosberg (111). By winning the Silverstone Grand Prix, carlos sainz also offers a 33rd victory in F1 to Spain. The first 32 are all for Fernando Alonso who was until then the only Iberian winner of a Grand Prix.

… and avoid a humiliating record

It is therefore a very long series which ends for carlos sainz and which also allows him to put an end to another which could have become embarrassing. Indeed, the Spaniard was approaching the top 5 drivers who have stayed in F1 the longest without ever winning. A ranking dominated by Andrea De Cesaris who has never won a GP in 208 starts, ahead of Nick Heidfeld (183), Nico Hulkenberg (181), Romain Grosjean (179) and Martin Brundle (158). carlos sainz was just behind. But since Sunday, he disappeared from this ranking, for his greatest happiness.

A “relief” for Sainz

Indeed, after the race, carlos sainz did not fail to show his relief at having finally won his first success: ” A first victory is always a bit of a relief. I’m not going to lie. In the same way that pole position didn’t feel like winning is a bit of a relief, because you got it, you got a win in Formula 1. And of course I’m going to keep fighting to get more, i will continue to improve with this car, and i will try to get there. But honestly, I never stopped believing that this victory was going to happen. Although this year has been difficult for me and has not been the easiest. I mean in Monaco, I could have won. In Canada, it was very tight. I can win on pure rhythm or on merit, like in Canada, right? So we must continue to believe in it. If there’s anything this sport has taught me, it’s to keep believing. Things have never been easy for me in my career, but this is a great example that it can still happen.. A first victory which could now call for others.

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