Ezviz DB2 Pro review: a well-equipped connected doorbell camera

Ezviz DB2 Pro review: a well-equipped connected doorbell camera


The DB2 Pro doorbell works with the Ezviz app, just like the brand’s cameras. We also find more or less the same functionalities, since the doorbell can also act as a surveillance camera and detect movements and people. The user then has the choice of three levels of sensitivity, and the possibility of being warned by notifications in the event of activity. It will in any case be saved, on the microSD card or in the cloud by subscribing to CloudPlay.

In addition, Ezviz offers “wandering detection” to keep prowlers away by activating the doorbell alarm when a person stays more than 1-15s in front of the door. The option could have been interesting with a longer time limit and associated notifications. As it stands, it does not bring much more than the detection of people, which it is not possible to activate simultaneously. It would have been more interesting to be able to be notified when someone stays several minutes in front of the house, for example.

Of course, since it is a doorbell, the DB2 Pro can also be activated manually by visitors using the dedicated button. A sequence is then recorded and a call screen appears on the user’s smartphone, with a preview of when the doorbell was activated. The user can also consult the live broadcast before picking up and modifying his voice. A male voice is notably proposed and may make it easier for a woman to intimidate an unwanted visitor.

On the other hand, if the smartphone is in standby, the call is not displayed and no notification lets you know that someone has rung. The smartphone simply wakes up, without emitting a signal or displaying anything on the screen. The problem may be related to the smartphone used for the test (a Sony Xperia 5 III), but it is in any case very annoying since it must therefore be unlocked to see that someone has rung. If it is too late to answer, the user will automatically fall on the history of events by unlocking his smartphone and will then see the missed call, but we would still have appreciated a notification.

Since the DB2 Pro runs on battery, it may be useful to disable or lighten certain features to have to recharge it less often, but Ezviz has provided predefined profiles to guide the user. It is even possible to program these profiles throughout the day so that you no longer have to change them manually. To check the battery level, simply go to the doorbell’s main page, which also gives access to live, event history and deactivation of the chime. Note also that the volume and ringtone of the latter can be changed.

The Ezviz application is therefore relatively complete, but a little less all the same than that of Ring with its customizable detection zones or that of Google which also allows the detection of vehicles and packages, and even face recognition. with paid subscription. Finally, note that it is possible to link your Ezviz account with Google Home and Alexa in order to view the images on Nest and Echo Show screens. Echo devices can also act as doorbells, but the feature does not appear to be offered by Google.

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