Ezra Miller, the interpreter of The Flash, at the heart of an infernal spiral

Ezra Miller, the interpreter of The Flash, at the heart of an infernal spiral

The latest revelations from Business Internpublished on Thursday, August 4, could well precipitate the fall of the star of We need to talk about Kevinmired in multiple scandals.

“All is well in Flashland,” she enthused. Producer Barbara Muschietti indeed assured in an Instagram message, addressed to a fan, that the filmthe flash would be released as planned in theaters on June 21, 2023. This was confirmed by David Zaslav, the president of Warner Bros., during a press conference organized on Thursday August 4.

The CEO said he was “very enthusiastic” about the idea of ​​unveiling the feature film to the general public. A news that stunned fans of the DC Comics universe. Since the beginning of the year, Ezra Miller, the interpreter of The Flash, is indeed at the heart of multiple scandals.

“Sectarian” behavior

After several accusations of assault, sexual abuse, harassment and “psychological manipulation”, the 29-year-old non-binary artist even acted in a “sectarian” manner during a stay in Iceland, two women told Business Insider, Thursday, August 4.

The maintenance of the flash proves to be all the more incomprehensible as the project bat girlwhose expensive filming – 90 million dollars (88 million euros) – had already been completed, and the majority of the post-production work completed, has just been suddenly abandoned by Warner Bros.

“The fact that they are canceling bat girl but still planning to release the film the flashand praying that no one has read a single article on Ezra Miller in the last two years is… a choice like any other”, quips Lacy Baugher Milas, journalist for Yarn SYFYon Twitter.

On video, We need to talk about Kevinthe teaser

A booming career

Born on September 30, 1992, in New Jersey, Ezra Miller will long remain the charismatic character ofAfter school (2008), a film in which he plays Robert, a tortured teenager who films the death of two students by overdose, and We need to talk about Kevin (2011), a young psychopath, which earned him a nomination for the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA). Before donning the costume of The Flash, in 2016, in SuicideCrew – and this, to the delight of the fans.

This role, the artist has since taken on several times, notably in Justice League (2017), which grossed $657 million (€646 million) at the box office. The career of Ezra Miller, also featured in the saga Fantastic Beastsseems then in full swing, and exemplary. We are just talking about the legal proceedings initiated against him in 2011 for “possession of drugs”. The charges will be promptly dropped.

An attack in Iceland

For nearly a decade, Wyckoff’s child, raised by Marta, a dancer mother, and Robert, a publisher father, continued his Hollywood rise. It will be necessary to wait for the month of April 2020 so that we hear again about Ezra Miller. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, a strange video – since deleted – is circulating on the web. We see him strangling a young woman, before pushing her violently to the ground.

An incident that would have occurred near the Prikið Kaffihús, a bar in Reykjavik, during a spring stay in Iceland. The protagonist of this sequence has since testified, on condition of anonymity, in the columns of Variety. She claims to have first joked with the artist, claiming to be able to beat him/her with her bare hands. A joke that Ezra Miller would have welcomed with a smile.

After the departure of the client, a friend of the latter would however have provoked the star. Suddenly furious, Ezra Miller allegedly assaulted his first interlocutor, before the bartender intervened. However, in the midst of the media storms that are rocking the year 2020, the controversy is quickly running out of steam.

Two arrests in Hawaii

For two years, Ezra Miller kept a low profile. Until January 27, 2022. The star then splits a video in which we hear him uttering death threats against members of the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina. Since then, the Instagram account on which the sequence was shared has been deactivated. But this year 2022 will only be, for Ezra Miller, a succession of scandals.

Two months later, the artist was arrested in Hawaii for disturbing public order and harassment, after shouting obscenities in a bar and assaulting a darts player. This opera fan – a passion developed at the age of 6, to combat his speech problems – seems to be struggling to control his nerves.

New arrest a second time, the following month, for having thrown a chair at the head of an unknown woman. Twelve hours later, the artist was fined 500 dollars (491 euros). His legal troubles are just beginning.

Restraint order

In June, the parents of a woman named Tokata Iron Eyes filed an appeal for a personality restraining order. They claim that Ezra Miller has had a toxic relationship with the 18-year-old since they met in 2016 during a protest against an oil pipeline project. Tokata was 12 years old at the time. Ezra Miller has 23.

“Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threats, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to maintain his grip on a young teenage girl, the court documents read. Ezra brainwashed him. He made sure Tokata didn’t use a phone and gave his bank card to one of his employees. If the young girl formally denies these remarks in the columns of TMZclaiming that “this story is nobody’s business” and deploring that “the version of the ‘victim’ in question is not taken into consideration”, his parents obtain the restraining order despite everything.

In mid-June, a mother from Massachusetts filed a similar request. She maintains that the star, during a visit to their neighbor, would have presented himself unexpectedly on their landing. Ezra Miller, in a bulletproof vest, would have brandished a weapon before “harassing” his 12-year-old child, and making him uncomfortable by touching his hips.

“Bullying” in Berlin

Nadia, a young Berliner, also accuses Ezra Miller of harassment. She claims to have met him in 2020. Both would have had a sexual relationship, then would have exchanged SMS remotely for two years. In February 2022, the duo decides to meet again. Nadia agrees to take her in for one night. But when she forbids him to smoke, Miller flew into a rage, accusing her of being “transphobic” and “Nazi”. “I did not feel safe at all,” she said in the columns of Varietyend of June.

A bullet in the mouth

At the same period, rolling stone reveals that Ezra Miller has been hosting a 25-year-old woman on his Vermont farm since mid-April, who wanted to escape her violent husband, along with her three children. And this, in deplorable conditions. According to the magazine, the house would indeed be strewn with firearms. The young woman’s 1-year-old daughter even found a rifle bullet on the ground and put it in her mouth. Friends of Ezra Miller would also have smoked marijuana in front of the children, in this farm which would also house an illegal cannabis plantation.

The community”

At the same time, revelations continue to rain down on the star’s stay in Reykjavik. Ezra Miller would have taken under his wing a young addict, who accuses him today of “psychological manipulation”. In their hotel room, the “I love you” would have quickly given way to “You disgust me”, and this, for reasons as trivial as a word badly translated into Spanish.

During this period, the artist would also have hosted friends in his Airbnb in the Icelandic capital. Two women testify to “sectarian” behavior. One reportedly spent a day at the abode in March 2020. She recalls her “mattresses spread out on the floor” and likens the house to a “community.”

She said she was struck by the way the guests seemed bewitched, as if “hanging on the lips” of Ezra Miller and apparently “indifferent to his mood swings”. “I felt like everyone was hypnotized,” she says, describing several of the star’s emotional outbursts. These revelations do not seem to have stopped his Hollywood run, however. Ezra Miller announced to star in biopic Dali Landon the Spanish painter. And still remains the interpreter of The Flash, until further notice.

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