Ezra Miller finally speaks about his multiple legal setbacks

Ezra Miller finally speaks about his multiple legal setbacks

Since everything really happens, Ezra Miller finally returned to his tortious conduct in recent years to apologize.

Some collect marbles, others love relationships, still others little porcelain cats. That is. Everyone sees noon at his door. However, it would seem that ceramic twinks are not really the hobby of Ezra Miller who prefers, for his part, collect offenses of all kinds (it would not be a question of being bigoted, after all).

For several years, the acteur.ice (who, we recall, defines himself as non-binary, in fact justifying the use of inclusive writing throughout these lines) seemed indeed determined to multiply the trouble with the law. So, after strangling a fan in a bar in Iceland, after terrorizing half of Hawaii, after charges of child molestation and, most recently, a burglary indictment, Ezra Miller continues to make headlines regularly.

Zack Snyder's Justice League: PhotoWarner in full negotiations with Miller

A series of legal escapades which, of course, inspired a few drops of sweat at Warner Bros. Aficionados of the policy of the ostrich, the studios seemed until then rather inclined to wait for the Miller storm to pass in order to get out the flash in theaters, without having to address the situation publicly. It was of course without counting on the visceral incapacity of the actor.

And it would seem that the allusions to the potential dismissal of Ezra Milleror even, in the extreme case, the pure and simple removal of the footage, have finally borne fruit. Indeed, in an official press release relayed by Varietythe interpreter of Barry Allen has decided to address his recent actionsevoking in passing seriousness “mental disorders” :

Zack Snyder's Justice League: photo, Ezra Miller

my culpa

“After recently going through a period of intense crisis, I now realize that I suffer from a complex mental health condition, and have indeed started treatment. I would like to apologize to anyone I may have hurt or worried about my behavior. I now pledge to undertake the work necessary to return to a healthy and productive life.”

These very generic excuses follow the first track provided by the studioswhich also declared in the same press release to support the approach of Ezra Miller. According to the conditions shared by Warner Bros the previous week, the actor.ice would have potentially regained the right to participate in the promotion of the footage in which iel holds the title role.

If we imagine without difficulty that this sudden honorable amends has as much substance as the promises of a politician launched in the middle of the election campaign, however, it has the merit of preventing the studios from throwing the $200 million invested in the production of the footage out the window. The output of the flash is thus indeed maintained on the initial date, scheduled for June 2023. What about Miller’s future within the DCEU? Nothing is less certain, but since this is Hollywood, anything is possible.

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