Exclusivité : nous avons vu le design de l'iPhone 14 avant la Keynote Apple !

Exclusive: we saw the design of the iPhone 14 before the Apple Keynote!

news material Exclusive: we saw the design of the iPhone 14 before the Apple Keynote!

Little surprise in the detour of the aisles of the IFA show in Berlin: we came across the design of the iPhone 14 while its announcement during the Apple Keynote will only take place next week! All thanks to the hulls of the sbs brand.

iPhone 14: the notch is definitely there

It may be an unfortunate mistake, but the sbs brand already offers cases for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max on its stand at the IFA in Berlin. Thanks to our special correspondent, we already know what the iPhone 14 will look like less than a week before its announcement, which will take place during Apple’s Keynote on September 7, 2022.

From what we see in the photos, some rumors therefore seemed to be true:

  • The end of the notch on the Pro models, replaced by a double punch: one round and the other in the shape of a pill.
  • The presence of the Lightning port
  • The arrival of an iPhone 14 Max model, the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max to replace the iPhone Mini range who has not met his audience
Exclusive: we saw the design of the iPhone 14 before the Apple Keynote!

On the other hand, some information still remains unresolved, such as:

  • The end of the main rear 12 Mpx sensor replaced by a 48 Mpx photo sensor
  • The confirmation of a new new color
  • The arrival of a new chip surely reserved for Pro models
  • Compatibility of Pro models with a 30W charger

Sure, even if this leak may seem very real, it is also quite possible that what we see in the photos does not totally resemble the final product. In effect, brands that produce smartphone cases receive official product announcements and metal templates in advance to be able to design and produce their cases in advancehistory that the latter are available as soon as the said model is released.

iPhone 14: a template that meets expectations before the Apple Keynote

For those who are not familiar with the notion of template in this context, it certainly requires some explanation. First of all, you should know that manufacturers like Apple or Samsung create models upstream of their finished products, which are in a way non-functional metal prototypes. To put it simply, imagine a piece of metal cut into the shape of an iPhone (if any).

Exclusive: we saw the design of the iPhone 14 before the Apple Keynote!

These templates therefore give brands the possibility of having preview access to the measurements of future smartphones. Camera, notch, screen, volume buttons, speakers, sleep button and charging port, the template is usually detailed enough for companies to create cases that perfectly match the productand this, several months before the release of said mobile.

Thereby, if the design logic of the sbs cases is good and Apple respects the measurements of its template, we should have something ready for the final design of the iPhone 14 and its variants.

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