Euro féminin 2022 - Les notes des Bleues face à l'Allemagne : Bacha a secoué le cocotier, le milieu n'a fait que couler

Euro féminin 2022 – Les notes des Bleues face à l’Allemagne : Bacha a secoué le cocotier, le milieu n’a fait que couler


From our special correspondent in Milton Keynes,

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin: 5

She started the game with a well-felt intervention (13th) before bringing out the big game on an opposing free kick (22nd). In her match, however, she can’t do anything about the two German goals. His Euro is not missed but he misses this parade that changes everything.

Euro 2022

L’Antisèche: Again this damn inefficiency, but something has been created


  • In short: A big parade but two goals in the bag

Eve Perished: 3.5

How complicated it was. So incisive in chickens, the right side suffered throughout a first period in the form of a nightmare with bad crosses, burning lost balls but above all this center where it is eaten by Popp (40th). His second period was better, but his contribution was disappointing.

  • In short: The heroine of the quarter did not live well her half…

Eve Perisset, beaten on the goal of Popp

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Griedge Mbock : 5

In her duel against Popp, she was incisive for a long time (34th). Despite some scares in the depth (6th, 50th), she never lost her serenity and even saved hers twice (70th, 76th). But she suffered the impact of Popp, who plays the shot beautifully, on the second goal (75th).

  • In short: A lost duel that changes everything

Wendie Fox: 5.5

His first major aerial intervention set the tone (2nd). She was in all the fights, with undisputed authority in the duel (23rd, 35th). Defensively, however, she leaves too much space for the centerer on the opener (42nd). Offensively, she still offered herself many opportunities, including this perfectly saved pitted header (64th).

  • In short: A still frustrating Euro.

Wendie Renard against Germany

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Sakina Karchaoui: 4

Clearly less biting. Her climbs were far too rare but she was careful for a long time not to leave too much space to her opponents. Without a solution in the middle, she sometimes had trouble reviving. His rescue at the very end of the match is not enough to save a match that is too discreet.

  • In short: She ran out of fuel

Grace Geyoro: 5

Of all the backgrounds, she was the one who played her game the most. Her ability to put some binder in the tricolor animation was useful on certain sequences (17th, 32nd, 58th) but she also suffered in the face of the impact. German. Physically, she ended up giving up.

  • In short: She can do better but comes out with honors

A crushing blow but so many grounds for hope…

Charlotte Bilbaut: 3

She found someone to talk to on a “fighting-spirit” level with the Germans. His start to the match, with a commitment directly from six meters and a big mistake (2nd) symbolizes a game spent running a lot, shooting a lot but without stopping much. She was systematically under pressure with the ball and limited the Blues to the first by multiplying the touches of balls.

  • In short: His worst Euro game, at the worst time.

Charlotte Bilbaut against Germany

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Sandie Toletti: 3.5

It was an ordeal from start to finish. Imprecise in her passes (10th, 60th), late in her interventions, she lacked the accuracy that usually characterizes her. As a result, she disappeared from circulation and never weighed on the fate of her match. His deflection of the head for Diani on the equalizer saves a very delicate overall performance. If the Blues have struggled in the middle, she is no stranger to it.

  • In short: Unrecognizable.

Replaced by Ouleymata Sarr (80th)

Kadidiatou Diani: 5.5

Attentive defensively in the first period, which explains this low position, she waited to pass in the axis to finally show herself. His spontaneous strike delighted the MK Stadium and allowed the Bleues to return unscathed from a complicated first period (45th). His second period was a summary of his game: a lot of differences (53rd) but not always the right choices, like on this shot from a tight angle while Geyoro was waiting for the offering in the middle (67th).

  • In short: Decisive but still frustrating…

Kadidiatou Diani

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Melvine Malard: 3.5

As against the Netherlands, she did not try to hide. But in this semi-final with a knife, she was inside. Despite some interesting deviations (13th, 29th), she failed to find her rhythm, often being out of time (9th, 13th). She regained some bite by finishing on the left. Not enough to avoid going out at the break…

  • In short: A little tender for the poster.

Replaced at halftime by Selma Bacha.

Selma Bacha: 6

On her first ball, she sends a pass slammed in depth for Geyoro (46th). Her energy was a lifeline for Les Bleues and the highlight of the Tricolores comes from her. She has the 2-1 goal at the end of her foot but a German defender saves the day (64th). His quality on a set piece was precious. His spontaneous strike would have deserved a better fate (79th).

  • In short: The revelation, on and off the pitch, of this Euro for Les Bleues.

Delphine Cascarino: 5.5

For a long time, she was the most daring on the French side. Despite a tight marking of the German defense, she managed on many sequences to get out of the trap in the small perimeter. Her sense of dribbling was a constant threat but she lacked spontaneity (22nd) or precision when making the decision (43rd).

  • In short: We would have liked to see her longer…

Replaced by Clara Matéo (61st)whose direction of the pass caused some dangerous situations but who misses his recovery at a crucial moment (85th).

Euro 2022

And in the end, Germany wins


Euro 2022

The eleven of the Blue against Germany: Malard holder, Bacha on the bench


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