EN DIRECT - Toulouse-Nice : Les Niçois arrachent le nul grâce au premier but de Ramsey en Ligue 1

EN DIRECT – Toulouse-Nice : Les Niçois arrachent le nul grâce au premier but de Ramsey en Ligue 1

Toulouse and Nice leave in a draw

It’s over at the Stadium! Nice snatched the draw thanks to Aaron Ramsey’s first Ligue 1 goal. Dallinga opened the scoring in the first half.

What a huge opportunity for Nice

Maxime Dupé made an exceptional double parry at the end of the match. The flag was eventually raised for an offside position.

Four more minutes

Four minutes of added time was announced by the fourth referee.

Keben’s big load

Kévin Keben takes a yellow card after a big charge in the back of Dante.

Toulouse suffers at the end of the match

After the Nice equalizer, Toulouse seem to have taken a hit on the head and are under pressure.

Double change for Toulouse

Philippe Montanier makes a double change in this meeting with the entries of Healey and Keben in place of Dallinga and Desler.

Ramsey equalizes for Nice on his first ball

Aaron Ramsey touches his first ball and puts it at the bottom of a subtle curl in the top corner of Dupé. Nice equalizes. Note the exceptional work of Brahimi.

Ramsey makes his Ligue 1 debut

Former Arsenal player Aaron Ramsey makes his Ligue 1 debut and replaces Calvin Stengs.

What a Bard mistake

On a pass error from Melvin Bard, Toulouse did not take advantage of the spaces to make the break.

Gouiri gives way

Amine Gouiri leaves and is replaced by Brahimi.

Refreshment break

New fresh break in this meeting when there will be a little more than 20 minutes of play.

Chaïbi leaves

Toulouse attacking midfielder Chaïbi gives way to Genreau.

Lemina tries her luck from afar

Mario Lemina takes his chance from afar but that doesn’t worry Dupé at all.

Aboukhlal comes into play

First change for Philippe Montanier who brings Aboukhlal in place of Ratao.

Dante harvests a yolk

The Nice captain is cautioned in turn after a foul on Dallinga who had passed the Brazilian.

Double change for Favre

Lucien Favre makes two changes with the entries of Lemina in place of Rosario and Ilie in place of Beka Beka.

Yellow card for Rosario

The Nice defensive midfielder receives the first yellow card of this match after an anti-play foul on Spierings.

Good intervention from Dupé

Maxime Dupé is the first in his duel with Thuram and has a good outing.

game time

We have just reached the hour mark at the Stadium and Toulouse is still leading the score against a struggling Nice team.

Delort misses his free kick

While Beka Beka had obtained a free kick near the penalty area, Andy Delort takes care of it but lacks precision.

Toulouse plays low

Since the start of the second period, Téfécé has played lower than in the first act.

Melvin Bard misses a cross

The former Lyonnais is in difficulty in this meeting. He has just missed a new center and misses a lot offensively this afternoon.

Sylla’s cross goes behind Bulka’s goal

Ratao and Sylla combine on the left side and the Toulouse center side but his attempt ends up behind the cages of Marcin Bulka.

It goes back to the Stadium

Johan Hamel kicks off this second act. Toulouse leads thanks to Dallinga against Nice.

End of the first period! Toulouse leads

At the end of a rather balanced first period, it was Toulouse who led the score thanks to a goal from rookie Dallinga. The Aiglons have touched the bar but are struggling to get many chances.

Two minutes of additional time

There are two more minutes in this first period.

Delort misses his head

After a good movement in the area, Andy Delort is ahead of Rouault but fails to adjust his head correctly.

Delort’s strike is completely missed

After a good stint between Gouiri and Delort, the former Montpellier player tries to wrap up but his shot flies away.

Gouiri’s head ends up in Dupé’s gloves

Amine Gouiri is served by Stengs but the Frenchman fails to deceive Dupé.

Spierings takes off his cover too much

Branco Van Den Boomen shoots a corner at the far post towards Spierings who, lonely, volleys but it goes way over.

The bar for Stengs!

What a nice number from Stengs who eliminates Sylla before hitting directly on the bar of Dupé who seemed beaten.

End of the first half hour

We reach the end of the first half hour in this match and Toulouse lead against Nice thanks to a goal from Dallinga.

Big opportunity for Delort

What an opportunity for the Algerian who is alone at the penalty spot but misses his shot. Behind he manages to recover to cross but Thuram is too short to resume.

First cool break

It is very hot in Toulouse and the 22 actors therefore have the right to a cool break.

Huge save from Todibo

Ngoumou eliminates Bulka who tries a daring exit. The Toulouse winger crosses towards Dallinga but Todibo sends it back with a header when the cages were empty.

Dallinga gives Toulouse the advantage

The center forward from Toulouse stands out behind Dante and deflects a cross from Van Den Boomen with the outside of his foot.

The pole for Dallinga

What a big opportunity for the new Toulouse striker Dallinga who comes alone against Bulka. The Dutchman takes his chance but Bulka deflects on his post.

Some clumsiness

For the moment, this meeting is polluted by the inaccuracies of the two teams when approaching the zone of truth.

Chaïbi tries it out

After Gouiri, it’s Chaïbi who takes his chance but he also misses the target. Johan Hamel’s assistant’s flag was finally raised to signal an offside position.

Van Den Boomen’s first transversal

The Toulouse midfielder seems to continue on the same bases that he had imposed in Ligue 2. He achieves a magnificent cross.

Gouiri already dangerous

After a well-executed move from Nice, Amine Gouiri took his chance from outside the box but his shot flirted with Dupé’s goal post.

Balanced first minutes

The first minutes of this meeting are rather balanced and no team really dominates this start of the match.

And let’s go to the Stadium!

Johan Hamel kicks off this fourth poster of the first day of Ligue 1 Toulouse-Nice.

Kick off in a quarter of an hour

The kick-off of this fourth match of the first day of Ligue 1 will be given in about fifteen minutes.

Sad record for Toulouse at home

Promoted to Ligue 1, Toulouse will have to start strong this season if they want to end a sad record in the top flight. Indeed, Téfécé holds the longest home defeat record with eight consecutive defeats at the Stadium.

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