EN DIRECT - Monaco-Rennes: Laborde ouvre le score et débloque enfin la situation

EN DIRECT – Monaco-Rennes: Laborde ouvre le score et débloque enfin la situation

Golovin gives way

Ismail Jakobs enters the game and replaces the Russian midfielder of Monaco Golovin.

Laborde unblocks the situation

After a confused situation in the penalty area, Gaëtan Laborde took advantage and deceived Nübel for the first time in the afternoon.

Nice tackle from Disasi

He is the specialist in this kind of intervention since the start of the match. Disasi tackles and counters Terrier’s strike again.

Major variety

Lovro Majer comes out after a mixed game for the Croatian point guard. He is replaced by the former Parisian freshly arrived in Brittany Arnaud Kalimuendo.

Diatta’s shot blocked

Krépin Diatta takes his chance at the entrance to the Rennes penalty area but Adrien Truffert is well placed to counter.

Golovin’s shot goes over

The Russian is the first to strike in this second period but it flies above the frame of Alemdar.

Already an Alemdar release

The Rennes goalkeeper who has just entered the game leaves but is preceded by his defender Theate.

A change at halftime

Steve Mandanda gave up his place at halftime of this meeting. Alemdar replaces him.

And here we go again to Louis II

Jérémie Pignard whistles the start of the second period between Monaco and Rennes. Despite the 21 strikes, neither team has found the fault yet. Monaco are reduced to 10 after the exclusion of Fofana.

It’s halftime!

End of the first act in this very animated match where no net shook. Steve Mandanda saved a penalty while AS Monaco are 10 against 11 since the fifteenth minute.

What an opportunity for Vanderson

The Monegasque side is served by his counterpart on the other side Caio Henrique but he does not manage to find the frame of Mandanda.

Laborde’s strike is deflected

After a good movement from Rennes, Gaëtan Laborde shoots but his attempt is deflected by the Monegasque rearguard.

Nübel still master of his surface

Decidedly, Nübel is impassable for the moment. The Monegasque goalkeeper still catches an opposing ball.

four more minutes

Four minutes of additional time will be played in this first period.

Traoré’s strike flies away

The Rennes captain controls and turns around and continues with a very complicated volley. His attempt flies away completely.

63% ball possession for Rennes

The Bretons no longer have the ball since the exclusion of Fofana. Genesio’s men have 63% possession.

Excellent feedback from Maripan

Martin Terrier is still in control and shoots but Maripan makes a good comeback and deflects for a corner.

What a stop from Mandanda

It’s a goalie game! Exceptional stop by Mandanda while Diatta was alone in the penalty area on a good serve from Caio Henrique.

Nübel intervenes again

Once again, Nübel is irreproachable and intervenes on a cover of Martin Terrier.

Mandanda catches up and saves the penalty

Steve Mandanda saves the penalty taken by Disasi and makes up for his mistake.

Missed exit from Mandanda who commits a foul in the box

The completely failed outing of Mandanda on Embolo provokes a foul from the former Marseillais. A penalty is whistled for the players of the Principality.

The contentious exit of Mandanda during Monaco-Rennes, August 13, 2022
The contentious exit of Mandanda during Monaco-Rennes, August 13, 2022 © Amazon screen capture

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Another wonderful stop from Nübel

What a save from Nübel who intervenes, this time, on a point-blank header from Martin Terrier.

Nice stop from Nübel

The Monegasque goalkeeper is still in demand after a long shot from Santamaria.

Refreshment break

Jérémie Pignard whistles and invites the two teams to refresh themselves.

Accumulation of faults

For a few minutes and the red card, the match has been bogged down in a false rhythm chopped up by a greater number of faults.

New card for Rennes

Arthur Theate takes a yellow card right after his center hinge teammate.

Rodon gets a yellow

The Rennes defender is cautioned after a foul on Breel Embolo.

Nübel’s Dumpling

Nübel makes a huge mistake on a back pass. The former Bavarian misses his control and is forced to intervene on Laborde but the former Montpellier player falls too easily and the referee does not whistle for a penalty.

Terrier takes his chance

Nübel lays down well on Martin Terrier’s strike after a quick action from the Bretons.

Diatta tries his luck

The Senegalese is launched in depth by Jean Lucas and takes his chance in the area but his shot goes well above the cages of Steve Mandanda.

Philippe Clement is forced to make a change

Wissam Ben Yedder gives way after the red card. The young Magassa replaces him and takes his first steps in Ligue 1.

Red for Fofana!

It is stupor to Louis II! Fofana is excluded after a sole on Martin Terrier. AS Monaco will play at 10 for 1h15.

The bar for Monaco

What a mine from Vanderson who strikes from outside the box. The strike from the Monegasque side crashes on the bar and goes out of goal.

Tait’s center runs away from teammates

Flavien Tait transplants in the axis and sends a cross to the far post but nobody is at the reception.

A whistle interrupts a goal action

Jérémie Pignard whistles as Gaëtan Laborde had shot on goal. Nübel does not dive and the ball goes into the net.

Tait’s shot goes over

The Rennais project quickly forward and this action ends with a long shot from Flavien Tait without danger for Nübel.

Change of watch for the referee

Jérémie Pignard interrupts the game and goes to the fourth referee to change the watch. Pause for only a few seconds, the game has just resumed.

First shot

The first shot of the match is for the Rennais and Gaëtan Laborde who manages to find Nübel’s frame but the Monegasque goalkeeper catches the ball.

Here we go!

It’s off to Louis II between AS Monaco and Stade Rennes for this enticing meeting on the second day of Ligue 1.

Kick-off in fifteen minutes

This match between AS Monaco and Stade Rennes will start in fifteen minutes from now.

Monaco must raise its head

AS Monaco experienced a cruel elimination this week against PSV Eindhoven in the preliminary round of the Champions League after extra time.

Flavien Tait loves Monaco

The Rennes midfielder has scored three league goals against AS Monaco and could increase this number as he starts this afternoon.

The composition of AS Monaco

Nübel – Vanderson, Disasi, Maripán, Caio Henrique – Diatta, Fofana, Jean Lucas, Golovin – Embolo, Ben Yedder

The composition of Rennes

Mandanda – Traoré, Rodon, Théate, Truffert – Santamaria, Tait, Majer – Bourigeaud, Laborde, Terrier.

Hi there

Hello everyone and welcome to the RMC Sport website for this meeting of the second day of Ligue 1 between AS Monaco and Rennes. Kick-off is scheduled for 5 p.m. this Saturday, August 13.

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