EN DIRECT - Inter Milan-OL: les deux équipes se quittent sur un nul spectaculaire

EN DIRECT – Inter Milan-OL: les deux équipes se quittent sur un nul spectaculaire


It’s over !

Superb match between OL and Inter which ended in a spectacular draw (2-2). If the Lyonnais were ahead thanks to Lacazette and Cherki, Inter came back thanks to Lukaku and Barella.

In place tactically, the Gones were able to respond to the physical impact imposed by the Italians and are ready for the reception of Ajaccio on Friday evening.

Dembele above

For the last attempt, Moussa Dembélé hits above.

Four minutes of additional time

And why not a last goal?

Nice move from Inter

After a great one-touch action, Correa tries his luck but is countered by the defense.

Barcola strike!

The young Lyonnais transplants in the axis but his strike is not on target.

No risk with Lacazette, on the ground for a few seconds

The Lyon captain gives way to Kadewere, while Bradley Barcola replaces Toko Ekambi.

On the side of Inter, change of goalkeeper with Cordaz who enters the place of Onana.

Dembele’s bar!

On a cross from Cherki, Moussa Dembélé performs a diving header, released by Onana on the bar!

Dembele comes into play

He replaces Paqueta. Surely a change of system to come for Peter Bosz.

New interior changes

Bellanova, Gosens, Asllani and Gagliardino enter in place of Dumfries, Dimarco, Barella and Brozovic.

Cherki’s free kick is on target

But he does not deceive the vigilance of André Onana.

Cut sorting

The last Lyon recruit is replaced by Henrique.

New fright in the surface of OL

On a cross from Barella, Gusto deflects the ball towards his goal, but Lopes captures the leather.

Double change for Inter

Correa and Dzeko enter in place of Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez.


What an action from Lautaro Martinez! After a magnificent control, the Argentinian serves Barella, who deceives Lopes with a subtle stung ball! 2-2.

Decisive Lopes!

Anthony Lopes pulls out a new decisive save on a header from Lautaro Martinez. The Lyonnais gariden is well in his game.

Several changes at Inter

Skriniar, Darmian and Mkhitaryan replace Calhanoglu, D’Ambrosio and Bastoni.

Skriniar receives a standing ovation from the audience.

earthy taste

The Lyon side is on the ground after a bad recovery of support.


No time to doubt for Inter, which reduced the gap practically in stride. If Lopes intervenes on a strike from Lautaro Martinez, Dimarco finds the head of Lukaku, who jostles Tagliafico in the back but scores!


Lyon’s second goal with great success! If Tagliafico finds the post after a cross from Lacazette, Cherki recovers the ball and scores his goal using the post!

We start on the same bases

Very big commitment from the two teams, which offer high-level duels.

Cherki ashore entrance

On an aerial balloon, Cherki is hit in the back by Bastoni. The ball remains Lyon.

Let’s go to Cesena!

Interists engage. Cherki replaced Tetê at the break.

It’s the break !

Dominated at the start of the match, OL were able to find the fault on one of their first chances thanks to Lacazette (1-0). This last friendly match is very pleasant to follow, the opportunities and tensions are there.

Decisive Onana

Cameroonian goalkeeper Onana intervenes on a shot from Tetê.

Gusto’s jar!

Well shifted to the side by Tetê, Malo Gusto hits and finds the post. The leather bounces off the feet of Toko Ekambi, who completely misses his strike.

Bastoni’s turn to take his rusk

Big foul from the defender on Malo Gusto, who was heading for goal. New free kick for OL from 25 meters. Paqueta’s attempt flies away in the stands.

Brozovic has you

The Croatian takes a yellow after a big foul on Toko Ekambi. Interists are not of this opinion and will curse around the referee.


Superb Lyon action, with Paqueta serving Lacazette. The general concludes with a magnificent dive head in the heart of the interist defense!

A little surprise, since the big chances were for Inter.


It heats up in the Lyon area, with a strike from Dimarco which grazes the left post of Lopes. It still holds on the Lyon side.

Lautaro notes the majer

Another hot situation in the Lyon area, since Lautaro Martinez misses his madjer. Tagliafico recovers the leather and releases his team.

Big heat stroke in the surface of OL

On a first strike from Calhanoglu, Lopes intervenes but the danger returns and Lukaku does not fit his header.

Barella, it’s not framed!

A lively start to the match between the two teams. Barella tries his luck from afar but it’s off target. Lopes was on the trajectory.

Yellow card for Dumfries

The Dutchman concedes a foul on Toko Ekambi. Good free kick to follow on the left side for OL.

watchful lopes

The Lyon goalkeeper won with two points at the near post ahead of Lukeba.

A shot off target for Toko Ekambi

The Cameroonian infiltrates the area and tries his luck with the right. It’s too soft to worry Onana.

The center of Tete…

…who only finds Onana’s gloves. Inter will be able to get away.

The head shot!

On a recovery from Malo Gusto in his area, the Lyon side goes up the field and serves Tetê. Superb strike from the Brazilian, boxed by Onana!

Foul by Lepenant

The young Lyonnais is guilty of a fault on Dimarco. Despite Lacazette’s protests, Inter obtained a free kick, well cut by Tagliafico, who conceded a corner.

Contentious situation in the area

Alexandre Lacazette collapses in the penalty area, held on the shoulder by Dumfries. No penalty.

Free kick for OL

Good free kick obtained by Malo Gusto at 25 meters. Paqueta sends the ball a few centimeters from the left post of Onana.

The first chance for Inter

With a header, Lukaku finds Lopes’ gloves after a good cross from Dimarco. The Belgian tries to show from the start that he is physically present.

Lyon’s first possession

Les Gones rotate to try to circumvent the interist block.

Let’s go !

The kick off is given by Lucas Paqueta. OL play in white, Inter in blue.

The entry of the players on the lawn

The Orogel Stadium is well stocked for this game.

The composition of Inter

Onana – D’Ambrosio, De Vrij, Bastoni – Dumfries, Barella, Brozovic, Calhanoglu, Dimarco – Lukaku, Lautaro.

The composition of OL, in 4-3-3

Lopes – Gusto, Mendes, Beware, Tagliafico – Lepenant, Aouar, Paqueta – Toko Ekambi, Lacazette, Head.

The Lyon group, very reduced in the midfield

Maxence Caqueret, Corentin Tolisso, Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Romain Faivre and Jérôme Boateng are absent. Nicolas Tagliafico appears for the first time in the group.

Hi there

Welcome to this live commentary to follow OL’s last friendly match, which travels to Italy to face Inter Milan. Kick-off will be at 8:30 p.m. at the Orogel Stadium Dino Manuzzi.

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