EN DIRECT - Grand Prix de Hongrie : la pluie arrive, grosse bagarre à l'avant

EN DIRECT – Grand Prix de Hongrie : la pluie arrive, grosse bagarre à l’avant



45/70: new Verstappen / Leclerc duel

Act three between the two men. The grip of the tires is to the advantage of Verstappen, who has medium rubber against the hard Leclerc. It’s too easy for the world champion, who finds 3rd place.


42/70: Verstappen makes a mistake!

Leclerc returns to Verstappen, who seems to have made a mistake! Russell and Perez take the opportunity to get closer!


41/70: Verstappen overtakes Leclerc!

Good overtaking of the world champion, who climbs on the podium in front of the Monegasque.

4:00 p.m.

40/70: hard rubber for Leclerc

Audacious Ferrari strategy. Leclerc comes out 3rd, Verstappen 5th.


39/70: the track becomes slippery

A few drops of rain appear. The race will perhaps change its appearance. Verstappen takes the opportunity to put on yellow rubbers


35/70: New Mercedes/Ferrari duel

After Leclerc, Russell is now under threat from Carlos Sainz. Behind, yellow flag after a spin from Tsunoda, who leaves without difficulty.


33/70: Hamilton in danger!

New track overrun for Hamilton, already the third since the start of the race. No more room for error for the Briton.


31/70: New duel Leclerc / Russell which turns to the advantage of Leclerc!

As the halfway point approached, Russell and Leclerc fought a big battle for the lead. Superb braking from Leclerc, who takes control!

Behind, Sainz and Verstappen approach.


28/70: Nice defense from Russell!

Attacked from the outside by Leclerc, Russell closes the door to him with authority.


27/70: Leclerc in the DRS zone of Russell

Less than a second ahead for Russell on Leclerc!


24/70: Ocon’s very long stoppage

Nearly five seconds of stoppage for Ocon, who is overtaken by Ricciardo in front of Alonso at the exit of the pits. Great shot from the McLaren driver!


22/70: Leclerc in the pits

The Monegasque makes a stop of less than three seconds. He comes out behind Russell but ahead of Sainz.


21/70: Leclerc only man in the lead not to pit

Hamilton has fitted medium tyres, while his teammate Russell is 2nd, 18″ behind Leclerc, who has had a good pace since the start of the race.


18/70: Sainz’s turn to pit

It is now Charles Leclerc who leads the debates.


17/70: Russell pits

He emerges with Alonso in 6th place. Sainz takes control of the race ahead of Leclerc. Verstappen also stopped by.


15/70: Russell loses his rhythm

Solid from the start, the Brit saw his lead melt away over the two Ferraris. Sainz points at 1.3, while Leclerc seems faster.


14/70: Leclerc closing in on Sainz

The Monegasque gets closer to his teammate and asks his team what strategy to adopt.


13/70: Verstappen plague on the radio

Some power problems on the world champion’s single-seater.


12/70: big duel Hamilton / Verstappen / Norris

The battle is fierce between Norris, Hamilton and Verstappen. The Mercedes and Red Bull drivers doubled that of McLaren, which slipped to 6th place, then to 7th after passing Pérez.


10/70: rain ahead

Russell is told the track should stay dry for another 30 minutes, until 3:45 p.m. The weather forecast indicates rain around 4 p.m.


9/70: Ocon again passed by a Red Bull

This time, it is Sergio Pérez who is ahead of the Frenchman. The Red Bulls are now 6th and 7th, ahead of the Alpine d’Ocon (8th) and Alonso (9th).


8/70: good start to the race for Mick Schumacher

The Haas driver gained four places (11th), while Bottas plummeted (12th).


7/70: Verstappen continues his comeback

The world champion overtakes Ocon and finds himself 6th. In the lead, Russell is nearly two seconds ahead of Sainz.


5/70: Red Bull chase Alpine

Verstappen passed Fernando Alonso and is now 7th, just behind Esteban Ocon.


2/20: Virtual safety car

There is debris on the track after a collision with Albon’s single-seater.


1/70: GO!

Good start from Esteban Ocon, while Russell keeps the advantage of his pole position. Perez started better than Verstappen.


Let’s go for the formation lap!

The drivers will set off for 70 laps on this 13th meeting of the season. A few raindrops are present.


Pourchaire won in F2

Théo Pourchaire won his third Grand Prix of the season in Formula 2 in Hungary this Sunday. The Frenchman is relaunching in the race for the general classification with four races to go.

>>> More info here


Clouds in Hungary

After the torrents of rain on Saturday, the weather is more lenient in Hungary this Sunday. But the sky remains cloudy.


Gasly will finally start from the pit lane

While he was to start in 19th position on the grid, Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) finally took the start from the pit lane, his team having precisely taken advantage of this missed qualifying to change the elements of his engine.


The starting grid, with Verstappen 10th

1st line: George Russell (Mercedes) / Carlos Sainz Jr (Ferrari)

2nd line: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) / Lando Norris (McLaren)

3rd line: Esteban Ocon (Alpine) / Fernando Alonso (Alpine)

4th line: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) / Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo)

5th line: Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) / Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

6th line: Sergio Perez (Red Bull) / Zhou Guanyu (Alfa Romeo)

7th line: Kevin Magnussen (Haas) / Lance Stroll (Aston Martin)

8th line: Mick Schumacher (Haas) / Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri)

9th line: Alexander Albon (Williams) / Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin)

10th line: Pierre Gasly (Alpha Tauri) / Nicholas Latifi (Williams)


George Russell’s surprise pole position

British driver George Russell (Mercedes) created a sensation on Saturday in qualifying, taking pole position ahead of the two Ferraris of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc. The very first of his career.


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