“During all these years, how could I have slipped through the cracks like this?  »

“During all these years, how could I have slipped through the cracks like this? »



The sea that heals everything. We breathe in the sea air while watching the bathers splashing about in the bay, protected from the waves of the Atlantic. Isabelle Carré smiles: “Yes: the “ocean feeling” that Romain Rolland talks about. This moment when you have the impression that you are no longer alone, that you are part of a whole, and in doing so that you are needed. »

The actress slips a quote in front of each emotion. The memories we invent are the most beautiful. – Shakespeare… “Who seeks infinity has only to close their eyes” – Milan Kundera… But deep down maybe we “breathe better on stage than at sea and in the countryside” – Patrick Modiano… She apologizes, smiling, when it is pointed out to her: “I love other people’s words, that’s why I do theatre. It’s a strange companionship, these words that you read, that you say, that you discussed with the director, analyzed, that sometimes, to memorize them, like me, you wrote, and then played dozens of times in front of the public. In the end, it becomes your words. It’s sometimes inhibiting – for a long time I had trouble expressing mine – but it’s also wonderful when, at the turn of a sentence, you recognize precisely what you would have wanted to say, because then you feel less alone. . »

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Basque coast. Enclosed between the ocean and the majestic outline of the Pyrenees, the seaside resort with bourgeois charm envelops the fishing port from which sailors once set off for Newfoundland. For twenty years, part-time, the actress has taken up residence here. We have an appointment on the terrace of a café. Too early for the beach. In the heart of summer, the sun cries out for caution.

Isabelle Carré: “I think you become an actor because you need a framework. Within which everything is possible »

She appears. Fair skin, frail ties, smile at the corner of the lips, small determined steps, engaging hand, which let guess like in Mary Poppins, her lifelong heroine, behind the serious air, a whimsical background. Discreet and luminous… She laughs at these words launched not really at random. “I am used to journalistsshe wrote in The dreamerspublished in 2018 by Grasset, to always be associated with two qualities: discreet and luminous! During all these years, how did I slip through the cracks so easily? »

To read between the meshes – 80 roles in cinema or on television, nearly forty on stage -, it is enough to immerse oneself in this first autobiographical novel. Its working title, “The submerged part of the iceberg”, was also explicit: a dysfunctional but creative family, a mother discreetly exiled from her castle in Bassetière, in Vendée, to go and give birth to an illegitimate child elsewhere. (his older brother) and who ends up meeting a “another ugly duckling”son of proletarians from Tours, passed through the Arts deco, bohemian artist, designer at Cardin, before settling on his own account, flirting in turn with money and poverty.

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