Digital marketing: what strategy for a successful campaign?

Why invest in digital marketing?

Digital marketing consists of using all existing digital channels in order to sell a product or spread brand awareness:

  • Website ;

  • Social networks;

  • Mobile app ;

  • podcasts;

  • Online videos…

Online visibility has become a central issue in most business sectors. It begins with a good level of referencing in the results of Google, the consultation of which is a firmly anchored reflex among most Internet users. 93% of online experiences today begin with a query on a search engine.

As such, a brand wishing to develop its notoriety or increase its sales can rely on two complementary levers:

  • Natural referencing (search engine optimization or SEO) consists of improving the ranking of a site in Google results. It is a question of arriving at the top of the results or at least of appearing in the first page, by working in particular on indexing, the richness of the content and the notoriety of the site.

  • Paid referencing (search engine advertising or SEA) consists of financing an advertising insert with a network such as Google Ads, in order to appear in priority on certain requests. An SEA campaign is ideal for generating qualified contacts, but cannot completely replace natural referencing: up to 80% of Google users would pay no attention to paid ads.

Good to know

91% of clicks after using a search engine occur on the first page of results. If your offer isn’t there, you’ll be missing out on nine out of ten potential customers. Natural or paid referencing is a powerful way to reach your target, at a lower cost than a classic media campaign.

Manage your digital marketing with Ad’s up consulting

Ad’s up consulting is an SEO agency based in Paris, specialized in natural referencing, but also in SEA strategy, Social Ads, programmatic display or Data. The agency has developed recognized know-how in order to put digital marketing tools directly at the service of its clients’ business objectives:

  • Traffic or lead generation;

  • Increase in sales and conversion rate;

  • Visibility of products or services on Google Search…

Several areas of expertise with strong complementarity allow Ad’s up consulting to develop a tailor-made SEO strategy:

  • Support for the creation or redesign of a website is an often essential step in gaining notoriety on the web. It includes purely visual or more structural changes as needed. An SEO agency can also ensure the creation of new optimized content.

  • Netlinking campaigns consist of creating links to the target site from referring portals and platforms. Relevant netlinking tends to significantly increase a site’s ranking in search engine results.

  • The quality of mobile referencing and in application markets (App Store Optimization or ASO) should not be neglected. Nearly 70% of digital media usage time is now spent on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)4.

  • Local referencing consists in favoring the display of the advertiser’s pages on the basis of the geolocation of the Internet user. This format is particularly interesting for merchants with a limited catchment area.

  • Optimization of SEO on social media (Social Media Optimization or SMO) tends to bring the brand closer to its target audience, and to create a more lasting link (for example via Pinterest)

A complete offer for training in digital marketing professions

Ad’s up Campus, training in digital marketing, is aimed at all professionals wishing to improve their skills in the field of online referencing. The training courses, delivered entirely face-to-face, have been Qualiopi certified and are 100% covered by your OPCO. They are provided by certified trainers, selected for their expertise within the Ad’s up consulting agency.

The intensive SEO training, lasting around one day, allows you to develop many skills, for example. The participant will learn among other things:

  • To set up an SEO referencing strategy;

  • To audit the technical basis of a site and derive recommendations;

  • To define an optimized editorial strategy;

  • To design a netlinking campaign himself;

  • To handle the main SEO analysis tools like Google Analytics.


A digital marketing strategy remains, more than ever, the best lever to reach your future customers where they are. The use of an SEO agency such as Ad’s up consulting or the follow-up of a specific training will help you to define the priority actions to be implemented.

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