Digital marketing professions: what is a data scientist?

Digital marketing professions: what is a data scientist?

First job – The data scientist uses databases to improve the profitability of a company.

Making the data speak: this is the job of the data scientist. A central, strategic and therefore highly sought-after profession. Data is a company’s gold mine. They are as sensitive as they are crucial. It is still necessary to know how to exploit them to make them tangible and useful elements in marketing.

Digital marketing refers to a company’s online marketing activities. The objective is to understand user behavior, target marketing operations, increase the visibility of a site or an application and thus sell a product. These actions are deployed on a website, an application or on social networks.

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What assignments? The mission of the data scientist is to transform all the data collected by a company into actionable information. The objective is to use this data to respond to the problems encountered by this company, particularly at the marketing level. The purpose is to help implement growth strategies to improve business performance.

He must also create algorithms, from the data, to better target users. But also develop prediction models to anticipate changes in trends or even do technology watch. Personalized recommendations are, for example, the result of an algorithm brought to light in particular by the data scientist.

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What qualities? The data scientist must be an expert in mathematics, programming and statistics. He must also master marketing software like SAS and Python, and analysis tools like Google Analytics. He must also know how to use databases. As an extension of these skills, he must have good communication and writing skills to convey the results of his work as clearly as possible. Finally, he could not work without having a team spirit, as he is connected to many internal services in his company.

What training? Several paths are possible to become a data scientist. At bac +3, there are BUT in computer science, diplomas from specialized schools or even professional licenses which train in jobs in data management or information systems. At bac +5, the list is longer. Jumble: masters in mathematics, data science, big data or connected data and systems, degrees from engineering schools with a specialization in statistics, computer science or big data…

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What salary? A junior, that is to say a beginner data scientist, earns around less than 40,000 euros gross per year. With experience, his remuneration can be around 80,000 euros gross annually.

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