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Digital Marketing: 3 ways to combine bounce rate and user data security in retail

The French retail sector is on the rise, and continues to grow, with an increase that reached 1.4% between February and March 2022. With 61% of GenZ who say they forget a brand if it is not present online, the study conducted in 2021 by Keyrus suggests a resolutely digital future for retail. It is partly for this reason that retail marketers are allocated large digital budgets. Indeed, whether it’s getting consumers to go to stores or buy online, retail is more digital than ever.

However, not all approaches to digital advertising are created equal. And with the proliferation of platforms and campaigns, consumers today are frustrated by intrusive targeting. While search engines like Google Chrome are removing the use of third-party cookies, which will eventually help solve this problem, it is time for retailers to take advantage of this momentum and get ahead of their digital strategies combining the distribution of attractive advertisements in all environments, while respecting the privacy of users.

Here are three tips for doing just that.

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