Dieng définitivement mis de côté par Igor Tudor

« Dieng ? Pas une question d’argent ou de prolongation de contrat »

Since the arrival of Tudor in Marseille, Bamba Dieng lives complicated hours. Florent Germain returned in “Rothen ignites” on the delicate situation that the Senegalese striker is going through. According to him, the Marseille management now considers him more as a market value than as a football player.

Again left aside by his coach during the first trip of the season to Brest (1-1), Bamba Dieng is at an impasse. Wanting to stay in Marseille, he comes up against the inflexibility of Tudor who has refused to give him a chance since the start of the season. The Croatian coach would not be convinced by the performances of the Senegalese international during collective training. For Florent Germain, this declaration is a bluff in order to sell the player more quickly. The journalist, invited to react to the Bamba Dieng case yesterday on RMC, believes that the Marseille management sees Dieng as a player capable of bringing in money. According to him, the club are citing certain reasons for their 22-year-old striker to pack up as soon as possible.

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“I just think that OM want to sell Bamba Dieng, it’s not a question of money or a contract extension. For a year, the management has considered him more as a market value than as a player. It’s normal for the player to be a little offended. Apparently he doesn’t convince Igor Tudor in training. I think there is still a bit of bluff in this statement. We all know the story when a club wants to part with someone, sometimes we invoke certain reasons. I don’t take sides neither for OM nor for Dieng but it’s not a question of money. » Florent Germain – Source: RMC (15/08/2022)

Bamba Dieng absolutely wants to stay at OM

Asked in the columns of La Provence at the beginning of August, Seydou Bacar Seck, Bamba Dieng’s agent reaffirmed the player’s desire to continue his career in Marseille. He said that Dieng was frustrated with the situation but that he was going to fight to have his chance and show all his qualities on the ground.

“I wouldn’t say it’s complicated, but it’s weird. During the offseason, I received a classic call from the club asking me what Bamba was planning to do. We told them that his project was a long-term one at OM, that he wanted to stay and did not plan to leave now. We told them he was focused on the 2022-23 season, the Champions League and the upcoming World Cup with Senegal. They said OK, and we moved on. I won’t talk about being sidelined, the coach makes the necessary decisions for the team at the moment T. The player, meanwhile, adapts. Afterwards, it is clear that for Bamba, his only place is on the field. His position is that of listening, he expects communication from the club. If the player is not good enough, as his new status in the hierarchy indicates according to the coach, we wait for them to call and say clearly: “Look, we think that’s not enough for us, please find something else. » From then on, we would know what to do. The other alternative could be a misfit. But it’s a hypothesis to be ruled out… He showed enough things for us not to think that. The summer preparation is over. OM’s record is five goals scored. He took three. With reduced playing time, he still ended up top scorer. He is frustrated but he is also positively touched by the messages of support he receives. » Seydou Bocar Seck, agent of Dieng – Source: Provence (01/08/22)

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