Denitsa Ikonomova ousted from Dancing with the stars: "The tight heart", she cracks and confirms

Denitsa Ikonomova ousted from Dancing with the stars: “The tight heart”, she cracks and confirms


The next season of Dancing with the stars promises to be rich in novelties. Starting with the jury, which sees two new stars arrive. Unfortunately Denitsa Ikonomova was excluded. The dancer has confirmed the information and shares her pain.

The info fell earlier this week. the Parisian announced the brand new jury that will take place during the twelfth season of Dancing with the stars. Present since the first year, Chris Marques keeps his post, just like François Alu, the star dancer of the Paris Opera who arrived last year. On the other hand, after a short season, Jean-Paul Gaultier was thanked, as was the star of the program Denitsa Ikonomova. The 35-year-old Bulgarian-Canadian joined the program’s troupe of dancers in 2012 and has since won the cup four times, with Rayane Bensetti (in 2014), Loïc Nottet (in 2015), Laurent Maistret (in 2016) and Clément Rémiens (in 2018). Like Fauve Hautot before her, her place on the jury therefore seemed perfectly legitimate. But after a short year on the bench and a decade in the program, the brunette bows out.

Saturday July 23, Denitsa Ikonomova confirmed the information and wrote a moving message on her Instagram account: “It’s with heavy heart that I confirm to you that unfortunately I will not be part of season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. This show changed my life and I am very grateful to all the production of TF1 for giving me my chance to show what I was capable of. I blossomed for 8 wonderful seasons as a dancer, coach and choreographer with 8 incredible people. So many great encounters including the one with YOU the public. I take this opportunity to thank you once again for your unconditional support, your kind words and always delicate attentions which touch me enormously. It gave me a lot of self-confidence and the strength to take on the challenges that life threw at me, including becoming a Dancing with the Stars juror for my ninth season. I would have loved to relive this experience but fate decided otherwise… I wish all the best to the 4 judges and to the new candidates, as well as to all my dancer friends who will continue to dazzle you, I’m sure! But don’t worry, we don’t let go. “The butterfly” must now take off towards new horizons and we will see each other again very soon for many other surprises and adventures. I’ll miss you so muchthank you again for everything… I love you“.

In addition to all these wonderful encounters, Denitsa Ikonomova will also have found love on the dance floor of TF1. For several years, she was inseparable from Rayane Bensetti. And since last year, she has been said to be very close to François Alu, but neither of them has ever confirmed this romance. the Parisian also announced the arrival of Marie-Agnès Gillot and Bilal Hassani in the jury. The latter had made a strong impression in season eleven and had climbed to the final.

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