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Death of François-Xavier (Secret Story): a witness to his suicide makes heartbreaking secrets!

In 2011, we had the opportunity to discover François-Xavier in Secret Story 3. An emblematic candidate who more or less marked his appearances. If the future looked promising for man, it turns out that fate decided otherwise! Following a terrible accident, he unfortunately passed away 11 years ago, on August 9, 2011. On the occasion of this sad event, a witness returned to the story with a shocking revelation. For more details, find us in the following lines!

Secret Story: The sad tragedy of François-Xavier!

August 9, 2011 is a tragic date for Secret Story fans. At that time, TF1 was broadcasting the third season of the show! The opportunity to meet François-Xavier, otherwise known as FX.

This candidate had had a tragic fate! The man was hit by a car. The shock was so strong, so much so that he did not survive his injuries!

Secret Story: This accident that violently killed this candidate!  Everyone is still in shock!

Moreover, this event did not go unnoticed. One person witnessed it! Of course, this one had brought ” in version things with the police.

And what he had to say was beyond disturbing! Apparently, the death of this late Secret Story contestant was no accident. Rather, a suicide! The witness judged that the young man who was 22 years old wanted to end his own life.

The man wanted to end his life!

Of course, the witness underlined his remarks with arguments. While driving, a man (FX Secret Story) was on the side of the road, arms outstretched, running as if he wanted to throw himself under.

By human reflex, the driver managed to avoid it! Is he out of trouble? No not yet ! When he almost came close to death, it was another vehicle that knocked him down head-on!

Secret Story: This accident that violently killed this candidate!  Everyone is still in shock!

Suddenly, FX Secret Story was violently hit by the car on the poorly lit departmental road! The witness continued his story on Tuesday August 9th. Moreover, it was the date that marked the 11th anniversary of this sad tragedy!

After the first accident, this one turned around. “The person had surely need help“, he continued! That said, the witness put on full headlights and honked his horn, but there was no one there.

Secret Story: “It was already too late”

But by making a U-turn, it was the silhouette of François-Xavier Secret Story coming out on the road that he witnessed! “And there, again, the silhouette of FX appeared on the roadside opposite the car which was coming,” said the witness.

Of course, he tried to warn the vehicle to slow it down, but I do not do it. The man still threw himself on it! The latter therefore landed in the ditch after having made a gliding flight!

Before calling for help, they first checked to see if the drivers of the vehicle were okay. The firefighters landed a few minutes later but it was already too late!

FX Secret Story was unresponsive. And the scene was one of the most shocking! He was shirtless, with rolled up shorts and tights […] It was suicide, no doubt “, told the witness!

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